Would Adrenaline be allowed in-game?

About two months ago, a game I made, (which used the ACS combat engine), was taken down for references to Morphine and Epinephrine.

I’m currently interested in adding Adrenaline, which would be used to revive unconscious players. I’m not going to have any sort of syringe animations, but I’m still worried about whether the game would be taken down or not, given what happened because of the references to Morphine and Epinephrine.

Any suggestions/recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

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Pretty sure adrenaline would be fine, I’ve seen a couple of games get away with it.
Parkour - Roblox This one is pretty popular, and has an adrenaline mechanic.


Thank you for the advice - I’ve decided to implement the feature in-game.

As I always tell developers for “is X allowed” threads, the worst kind of advice you will attract is posts that tell you it’s fine just because another experience has it in. It’s really as simple an analogy as “stealing is allowed because I saw someone take a candy bar without paying yesterday”. Doesn’t work like that. It’s dangerous advice to give as well as to take.

Roblox doesn’t police experiences. Experiences having certain types of content doesn’t necessarily mean that the content they put in is allowed. If you want to actually know if something is allowed or not, you should reference authoritative pages on policy which will explain a large amount of dos-and-don’ts (take note: I linked the Community Standards, not the Terms of Service, which developers frequently confuse - the latter is for legal purposes to understand what terms you’re being bound to by registering, the former are the actual rules that you need to follow).

So overall by consulting actual rules and not what other developers are doing: yes, adrenaline itself isn’t against the rules. Just be wary in how you represent that adrenaline gain though. For example, obviously no syringes that grant adrenaline buffs, but sure to a boost when you take damage.


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