Would Deleting a LocalScript on the Client Stop It From Working on That Client

It’s exactly what the title says. I’m curious as to if exploiters could delete a client script and make it stop working for that exploiters client.


yes exploiters can remove your localscript and stop it from working or hook the functions that its using


Yeah, they can modify the client in any way they want, that’s why it’s so important not to trust them.

And all ideas that come to mind will still be bypassable. For example, you may think of having your anti-cheat in the important LocalScript so if they delete it the game breaks. Cool, the exploiter can just copy your important script, modify it, and only keep the part that isn’t the anti-cheat.

Although you can try using such methods to make their lives a bit harder. But they will start becoming useless if your game succeeds because there will be dedicated people out there developing cheats specifically targetting your game(and also all its defenses) and making them free for all the skids to use.

A cool trick I like to use is implementing double rate limits on the client and the server, as a protective measure for the normal players and a defense for the server against spamming. Basically, if a player bypasses a remote, the server knows they exploited to do it, because they bypassed the first defense which was the local script.


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