Would having an inn/tavern be a bad thing?

I’m working on a game based off generic, D&D styled RPG’s. You and a party of players go around on quests.

I was thinking the hub world would be set in an Inn-like area, where you talk to the owner, who sends you on your adventure. However, I’m worried that roblox would consider an inn/tavern to cause problems. I’m not intending to use any models that reference alcohol, I’m not going to mention any beverages, but I’m still concerned.

There also would be the occasional inn while you’re on your adventures, but I’m not going to have the player buy any alcohol. I’m only using it as a place of rest and story elements.

A solution I’ve thought of for the former issue is just not make the hub world resemble an inn/tavern, at all. Make it an explorer’s guild or something. But I still have no thoughts for the latter issue though. I would like your input please! :slight_smile:

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Making an inn or tavern shouldn’t be a problem. You can add bottles for decoration or images of alcohol bottles, but I’d suggest no tools or anything of the like. I’ve been in groups that had alcohol and cigarette tools which got moderated, but I’ve made taverns before so you should be fine. :+1:

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Context matters in moderation. Taverns themselves aren’t the problem, rather any implication of or direct reference towards alcoholic beverages is specifically what moderation has a bone to pick with. Understandably unlabeled bottles might also be iffy in the sense of context, though I have it on good faith that it wouldn’t be a cause for moderation - bottles aren’t inherently inappropriate.

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