Would I Be Allowed To Use Cheats To Create Anti-Cheats?

So this question came to my mind right now, I know that Exploiters get banned in Roblox, but I was asking if I would use Exploits in my own game for testing purposes, like creating anti-cheats? Would I be allowed? Or would I get banned? If anybody knows please answer and thanks in advance! :smiley:

I don’t think you should do this in the Roblox Player, but in the Roblox Studio, it probably means you are less likely to be banned (don’t take my word for it though, and I would do the below).

Also, I don’t think this is necessary. Just play in studio and use the command bar to execute stuff on the client and try to exploit your own game that way.

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Ok, but what if I have to test a cheat that only works in multiplayer? How would I do that in Studi? By the way thanks bro for your help! :smiley:

How many more times does this topic need to be brought up? Is it so hard to search before posting? No, you cannot use cheats in your games to develop anticheats, the tos doesn’t allow it.


Click the test button in studio to test with virtual players. You can also switch from client to server without doing this.

Short answer: No

Long answer: The rules state that you can’t

“Restrictions on Use of Services” part of the user terms of the Roblox terms of use says you can’t.

You’ll have to test it on studio instead as others have suggested.

Thanks everybody for helping me understand everything about this? I only have one last question, what if I do that in a server made SPECIFICALLY for testing cheats with other people? Would I be allowed to do that?
(I expect a no but you never know so…)

executors use require scripts that you can just activate normally with a basic script

not if they use CoreGUi or use functions that only script executor have

I would likely say yes even tho its bad to exploit but if you really want to learn, there are a lof of “Hidden” or small communities on Discord and peoples there that can teach you stuff.

to really to a good anticheat you require to have an exploit for it even tho people dont say it.