Would it be a good idea to save data values in different datastores? (explained in message)

Hello, i am currently making data saving for my car game, that saves things like the car’s tire, distance driven, etc

It does this with dictionaries and stuff, it’s simple on paper but i’ve ran into a ton of issues with my saving not working right, such as SetAsync not working 50% of the time, pcalls not giving out a success properly, and so much more awfulness

So i had an idea, what if instead of having one datastore for everything, and indexing dictionaries and all that stuff, i just had one datastore per every car? i’m not sure if this would be terrible for the datastore like, overloading, i hope not, but, would this be a good idea? or not?? i’m not very datastore savvy, and this whole issue just has me at a breaking point from how long i’ve been trying to fix this issue.

***added context as to why i think using multiple datastores would be a better idea, it’s just that i actually know how to do it and have it work at least 99% of the time, lol

so yeah … that’s pretty much it… thanks !

Nope do not do this. It will create tons of problems.

If you are worried about the current datastore only working 50% of the time or so seek ProfileService