Would it be possible for Roblox to upgrade their mesh support?

1. Accept meshes w/ more than 5k+ poly counts.

This would allow developers to create more detailed meshes without having to extract polygon count. From experience, extracting a polygon count could often times ruin the mesh itself. :<
Would greatly benefit the style of the game and open more doors for building experimentation.

2. Separate imported group of meshes without user having to import each mesh separately.

Often times a certain part of the mesh doesn’t pass through mods, and it can often be time consuming having to re-edit/reupload the same mesh for approval. While DevForum members are given the privilege to re-submit the mesh for review and get an instant moderation review, non-members don’t get these available resources. With this feature, developers who aren’t in the DevForums would not have to go through the struggle of re-fixing their meshes.
If Roblox were to implement this feature, it would greatly increase development speed & efficiency.

3. Pretty sure Roblox use to take fbx files? Having that extra option of file saving type would be an added benefit.

Not really a necessity, but having an extra file type would just be an added benefit.

In the future perhaps? :smiley:

  1. Use textures instead to create detail. If you need more than 5000 polygons, then you’re done it wrong.

  2. What? Not sure what you mean by this. What does separating groups of meshes have to do with mesh moderation to do?

  3. Why do we need an extra file type? As in a practical reason to why, not a gimmick that would be “cool to have”?


Your 2nd point is actually the most crucial one.

For those that don’t know, a mesh might be made up of many objects. This is useful, since you might have parts on your model that move around. For instance, the landing gear on a plane. However, Roblox imports it all as one solid mesh. To get around this, you have to export each individual object in your mesh, then import each one. It takes a long time. And if you mess it up…it’s a nightmare to redo it all.


Personally I never keep an eye on the amount of polygons my mesh has, when building. It is only after I finish, do I check and extract the poly count. Often times my meshes turn out wonky from this.

5k poly count would be limiting for someone who wants to build something as big as a spacecraft.

Take for example, a wand that I built in maya:

I was having issues with the model not showing up. Some of the parts had issues uploading onto Roblox. You can read the whole moderation post I made about it here.
It would just simplify things if Roblox were to allow us to upload a whole mesh with separate parts in one go.

When you’re making meshes with 17+ parts, it can be annoying trying to figure out which part was not approved through moderation & the 5K poly count limit.

I never said we “needed” an extra file type.

Just like JPEG, PNG, GIFS, it’s not going to harm anyone if we have an extra file saving type. Of course it would mean more work for the engineers, but that’s why I stated it as “not really a necessity”. It also seems to be that FBX would be the best choice compared to OBJ.

If you compare the two options FBX is considered to be a higher quality modern 3D exchange format that retains more information while OBJ is a simple model format that is popular for 3D data exchange. With FBX it’s easier to transfer files, retain more data and work more efficiently.
-Thanks Google search

From what I remember, Roblox use to take FBX files. I don’t know why they removed it.

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-Thank you fellow anonymous dev for submitting this image of what Hell looks like.


Hell indeed…

…on the mesh

IMO, 5k is enough for Roblox’s capabilities. You shouldn’t really use more and try to keep it as low as possible - not just to fit within 5k.
It’s a limit, sure, but it forces you to build meshes more efficiently.