Would it be possible to script a collaborative map building system?

Hello developers, I’m making this post to ask if it would be possible to make a building system and be able to load the builds made with the system in Studio to put them into a map so that me and my friends can work on a map together (friend doesn’t have access to a computer that can use Studio)

Any help with this is appreciated.
Thank you!

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Use building tools made by f3x.

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You’ll never achieve what you can in studio, but if you used a datastore system that you then manually loaded into a studio play session you might be able to then copy and paste that into your studio session from the server.

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This is a kind of dual solution where both are really good solutions.
@Izuk_ii, Thank you for the F3X B-Tools suggestion :heart:
@PerilousPanther, Thanks for the information about using datastores to save the builds to copy them into Studio! :heart:

I appreciate all of the help, thank you to you both!