Would it be safe to store important character data in character attributes?

Basically what I asked in the title. Would it be safe for me to store important data (such as money, items unlocked, damage, etc.) in the attributes section of the character? Would this be easy to exploit?

Not exactly. It poses the same risk as it would to store you stuff in any place that is locally accessible by the client. So yeah you are safe since they will only be able to change the stuff locally.

It doesn’t really matter, but storing the data on a character is inconvenient because the character’s attributes are lost when they die.

Oh I see, thanks for the quick help!

Instead, save it on the player instance! (As long as you continue to update it)

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It is generally not safe to store important data in the attributes section of a character. It is possible for a malicious user to exploit the attributes section and gain access to the data. It is recommended that you store important data in a secure, encrypted database instead.

What is the need for encryption here? The exploiters can read the data, not write to the data. If the data is attached onto the player object via attributes, there is no need for encryption.