Would it be scummy to make pop up ads?

Hi! I’m the build guy, and I’ve been wondering if I should make pop up ads, though, I feel it could be a bit scummy. Maybe I could do something else like in game billboads with ads, but I’m unsure. Is it scummy, and is there any other way I can do it?

Would it be scummy to add pop up ads?
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I’m talking mainly about ads players spend robux on to put up, but I could also put my own for gamepasses.


You should give the player a reason to click those ads. Perhaps a reward of some sort. Personally though, I don’t like being pushed to play a different game while I’m already playing a game. That’s why website advertisements exist.


I wasn’t thinking just games in specific, maybe clothes, and other things, game passes (for the game being played).

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Pop up ads can be very intrusive depending on how frequently they appear. You need to consider the following rule from the ToU:


Having a single pop up (for example when a user first joins a server) would be harmless, but if you were to display one of these every 2 minutes it would become an issue due to it degrading the quality of your game.

I would advise you just include a single pop up when a user joins to advertise your latest (or most important) piece of content, and you include everything else on a UI menu or a billboard.

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I think everyone can agree 2 minutes is WAY too often.

So like Adopt Me?

Yeah makes sense.

I’ve seen games advertise in-game items before, a little card’ll pop up on one of the edges of the screen somewhere, usually after the player fails at a certain task.

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I agree with @dukaze, maybe have like you get 20 coins, a pet, etc. if you view the ad. I think it is to much work for, and your game will probably be disliked because of the constant advertisements popping up. I for one play Roblox to relax, and just have fun, and I for one would not like to be shown advertisements while I’m playing. I think a good option would be to have, “Buy pets here” area where the players spawn so they notice it and are more likely to buy your product. I think using ads kinda scummy and is reserved for the, “Escape ______ Obby!” I would generally stay away from using advertisements in your game.

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On the whole, it is scummy and annoying to the player, especially at the rate of 2 minutes. Especially if your game includes a clear goal, frequent emphasis on monetisation is one of the ways to increase your dislikes. In fact, players would view it as P2W, even if the products are fair.

As seen in Adopt Me, it’s less intrusive to advertise your products in a page incorporated with the “Play” button, rather than a Decline/Buy sort of UI. However, it’s probably less effective.

I already said, I also think that’s way too often.

Yeah, I’ll see about something like that.

Rule 1 of Development: If you have to ask, the answer is yes.

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I think if you want to advertise a product a good thing to do would be to display it, if your product is of good quality then it will likely get more sales this way.

Personally putting Robux in its own gui that doesnt go away (even if you can minimise it) is extremely annoying. Instead having a model sitting in game showcasing what you can get, is more likely to get the user eying up and thinking about buying the product.

If your product is associated with negativity from the constant pushing, people will more than likely quit playing your game entirely so it can have far worse effects.

A good example would be jailbreak (Before nitro was introduced to cars) they showcase the cars you can have nicely to entice the user rather than just push it in their face.

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If its a billboard, I think it’s fine, as your not forcing the ads like most mobile games on the play store, as long as they can choose whether to have ads it not, if its forced, it may not be as enjoyable, but if its rare maybe but u recommend, one of the advantages I can think of from the to of my head is making a gamepass: No ads, for this.

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Definitely go for billboards. I… HATE… POP UP… ADS!

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I have been downloading free mobile games lately to pass the time during breaks between assignments, and other things. If I tell you pop ups are easily the most disrespectful thing you can do, that would still be an understatement. If you want a popups, make sure it either pops up along the side of the screen so it doesn’t obstruct player experience, or is some sort of discounted item/prize like others have stated.

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If I may ask, ads for what exactly?

Player run ads for clothing, games, or ads I make for ingame gamepasses.

You could use prompting for gamepasses
Edit:but maybe a nice screen GUI on the side or surface GUI on a billboard would look better and be less of a mobile ad type thing

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I think that that rule in the TOU is for coroporations putting ads on roblox.

It says within experiences so that’s both.

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