Would it be TOS compliant to let players control chickens and have them fight?

We’re planning on having a fighting arena in the game, and to give it flavor, the plan is for participants control chickens, and then rewarding the winner.
The question boils down to, does it clash with ToS?
No actual animal cruelty is involved, ofc.

I have only personally skimmed through the ToS, but I don’t think it breaks any rules. Can’t wait to see it! DM me when it releases, would love to play it.

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I dont think that breaks TOS as there has been MANY fighting games in the past, and multiple with blood that haven’t been taken down(I wouldn’t suggest u put blood in your game tho.)

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What you are describing can be compared to pokemon or games like that. I don’t think this is in violation of the ToS.

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Send me a invite too!
Can’t wait to play that. The battle game of the century!
Nah, but seriously. This is basically nothing.
I doubt you’d even get a warning.

I don’t think that it would be against the ToS