Would it be viable to change base animations with humanoidDescription?

Hello, I am making a weapon system and I am wondering a good way to change a players base animations such as walking animations and running animations. I’m wondering if it’s good to change the HumanoidDescription animations or a better way to handle this situation.

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It definitely is viable to use HumanoidDescriptions for this purpose. A HumanoidDescription to be applied to a character has configurable properties for each character animation as outlined in this Developer wiki page: HumanoidDescription System

The base animations can all be set to asset identifiers:

There’s also a code sample on this page for changing just a Player character’s animations.

I don’t know if there’s a “better” way to do this per-say. Assuming these changes only take effect when the weapon is equipped or simply in the Player’s inventory, you’d likely just need to have an event set up to apply the new animations for these situations.

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Thank you, I was just confused about this because I couldn’t find a defined answer about this.

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