Would like feedback/ideas for this game


I been working on a sword fighting game which is in a town. I did make previous sword fighting game but I believe this is a better improvement but I would like some feedback/ideas for this new one. I am focused on making this game than my old one. Thank you!


Tried the game for few minutes, met a creator of the game and tried several things.
First thing what is important to me if I see a game on forum is, give it some description, what you can do, what is in the future, some information for example about the cross-server money savings.
Map is good I’d say, it’s small bloxy city with some buildings, shops and bank, good for running, hiding or using some fighting mechanics like kiting an enemy.

Some things need to be changed or reworked. Sword audio is very loud in comparison with movement, this needs to be lowered. Players have a punch option which is only an animation with some damage, I’d add some benefit after successfully hitting an enemy, for example a bash mechanic, where it pushes back the enemy player, blinds him for few milliseconds, or just give the player possibility to hit the player with a sword for small damage.

I don’t have any objective feedback on the sword, because it’s up to the creator if they want a simple sword or something more complex. I’d give it a try taking a look onto Chivalry games for just random fights on map, or a For Honor game for a mechanical gameplay.
Good luck with the development.

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