Would like opinions on my logo for my game!

The game is called Shinobi Clash. You use a Kunai and can select different abilities to fight with. There’s different game modes.

I’m a scripter. I do a little bit of stuff in Inkscape but not much.

So here it is! I’ve two images, one with a black ground and one with a white background.

I feel like I could of improved the yellow clashing effects but I couldn’t think how.

Opinions wanted! Criticise me! TEAR ME DOWN


I feel like that outline is too dark to see, maybe increase the brightness of the outline just a bit. But other than that, it’s a simplistic design which I love!


Which outline are you talking about? The outline for the Kunai and text is a light grey (unless my laptop and phone has really bad screens and it’s actually really dark haha), if it’s not that then I’m unsure which outline you’re talking about.

Thanks for the feedback and compliment! <3

Overall it looks great, I believe the outline is too dark and melts into the background but othee then that it is appealing to the eye. Maybe try to add something that entices to the abilities though.

Which outline? The only outlines are for the Kunai and text which is a light grey.

I’ll definefly try and add some of the abilities to the logo, good idea!

I’m dumb and understand what you two meant now. I’ll make the outlines brighter!

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No problem! You aren’t dumb by any means but just keep doing what you’re doing! It looks great!

Aaaa thank you <3

Now I’ve come across a problem. Making it into a game icon haha

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I’d just resize it too a smaller size, then layer it’s background with an image.

Eyyy inkscape crashed and now I lost all my work. Guess now I gotta redo it and make it better. :sunglasses:

Best of luck! Maybe it autosaves?

Oof so hard to find anything wrong with this. Maybe giving the striped bar an outline for consistency?

The red needs to be Townes down and add shade change the wood to dark brown. Make add some more shadows. And make it a png or white background.

Looking pretty great, however I noticed parts of the outline are pixelated and thicker than other parts.


(Arrow pointing to thicker outline, question mark at a another corner)


It’s okay. Lots of problems I can see, though.

The style is simple, but the actual design isn’t.

I don’t really like the kunai – they make the logo too complex, and my first impression of them was that for some reason you decided to annotate features of your logo using arrows.
Additionally, I don’t think the kunai as whole look very nice anyway. Their color should at least match the text’s fill color (if you look closely, they don’t). They’re annoyingly asymmetrical and don’t really add anything to the logo (stylistically), and there isn’t really a way to make them symmetrical without it just not looking right either.

The yellow clashing affects again just make the logo too complex. They’re so small, and add unnecessary detail (not to mention they make the final color count go up to 7!!!)

Finally, the outline & text color (at least in this combination) don’t match the wooden background. Especially the outline, as its color is in no way related to the color of kunai or any defining color you will probably see in the game (from what I know of old-style Japanese architecture & technology).

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Thank you for the feedback <3

I will take all your points into consideration when I redo the logo!

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Here’s my unpopular opinion; the text is extremely generic. Maybe if you used something a bit more in-line with the whole shinobi idea, then I bet ya the whole style will fit together perfectly.

I love it, but I find from far away the words don’t stand out. There’s not enough contrast. Perhaps make the stroke around the words white instead of grey?

Yeah, I was trying to find a font that fitted in Inkscape and couldn’t really find any. This was the closest.

When I get home and on my decent computer I’ll try finding some free better fitting fonts to use!

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Designing a logo is not about adding more, its about removing the unnecessary.

-You dont need that much kunai, you only need a kunai. To give you a good composition, I suggest removing all kunais and having only one horizontal kunai below the text. Or perhaps two facing oppositely from the other.
-Shrink the wood down to a gap of a few pixels away from the text or you can remove the wood and let the text and the kunai be the logo itself.

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