Would like some feedback on this futuristic build

Ye I would like some feedback on this! Did it randomly xD But think it turned out decent so I’d like to know what y’all think of it and how to improve it.

thx in advance :innocent:


Awesome that’s realistic and futuristic amazing keep it up.


Wow, really cool!
I’d suggest toning down the white light just a TEENY bit.

You could add a lower section to the floor, connected by a step, which could make the details blend in well-together with the entirety.


this is super cool.did you make this in blender? or in studios only?

I suggest adding more depth to the floor as 1eft said. Other than that, the details in the “pillars” for a lack of better words looks great

It’s studio only,haven’t learned to use blender yet. :innocent: planning on learning it some day tho