Would love some feedback for our game

Hey guys,

We would really like some feedback for our game Ninja Legend

We can’t seem to pass 30 concurrent players (and that’s when we really push sponsoring/advertising).

We can definitely add more features (we will be adding bosses soon) but I’d like to think what we have at the moment is a pretty solid foundation (maybe a little rough around the edges).

We’ve haven’t had any overly negative feedback from other sources just feature requests, the main two being Pets and Codes which we have added.

Any feedback would be appreciated.



A few critiques/tips would be, your current goal should be focused on player retention as it seems you lose new players fairly quickly meaning 1, they won’t bring friends 2, the numbers won’t climb, and 3 something is wrong with the game-play.

One big annoyance to me is the music, not only does it play on repeat but its also very much up in your face type of beat and not exactly appealing to large crowds. If you were to add perhaps a visible function to turn of the music, it would be a serious improvement.

Similarly would be the chat spam, but that’s not all that important.



Another part of my small list is that the UI is somewhat cluttered when actually in-game. There seems to be three shops dedicated to Robux based transactions.

Make sure to have IOS accessibility/compatibility/support for your game.

The biggest issue above all else is there is no straight introduction/tutorial. You’re just thrown into the game and expected to understand exactly what to do. Many children often find extreme trouble in learning how to play new games.

At the end of the day though, it’s a great game and very well made but just lacking a few things.


Thanks for your feedback.

The music toggle is an easy enough addition we have it in our other games but for some reason didn’t include it in this one.

We are still tweaking the menus so we will make sure mobile is a priority.

We will also get a introduction/tutorial added and hope that improves player retention.

Again thank you for the feedback.

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From the thumbnails of the game! I’d say it looks well made! And I don’t see any problems with it!

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I started playing and I thought the way I walked was strange because of the animation I have. I have the ninja animation and when I walk it makes me go up and down continuously.

Can you send me the link to the animation you’re using and I will get it fixed