Would people play my unique car game?


Recently, I feel like roblox hasn’t had many good racing games, if not any even outside of roblox. So I made a car system and I’m quite happy with it, but most car games fail to be fun, I think mine could be, but players would be turned away because the bad rep racing games get.


So, you’ve probably (hopefully) been wondering what makes my game better than the other racing games.

The problem with most car games is the wait. No one wants to drive around aimlessly in a city looking for races either. Boring.:yawning_face:

So my game will do what FPS’s do: quick, fun, rounds. You could join a server, wait two minutes and get back in the action. So I gotta know, would people play this?

Any game is playable if it’s fun, and especially if it’s a re-playable game that doesn’t get boring.

To each person their own really, some people like racing games, some like Obbies, others like RP, FPS, etc…

If you’re wondering if there’s going to be any players at all, then the answer is yes, in the sense that every genre has its audience and racing games or car games in general tend to have a large audience from what I’ve seen.

Maintaining players in your game is all up to you though, you could make your dream racing game, but you have to keep in mind what your players think of it, feedback is important, alongside constant updates, and good marketing, I think your game could get some numbers.

Hey, maybe even I’ll play it on release, if it’s some sort of Mario Kart type game with powers and whatnot, although I’m not really a car-game-enthusiast, I’ll never say no to a fun game. :wink:

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thank you for the response, its not exactly gonna be mario kart, more realistic i guess, but still cartoony and fun because TBH very realistic games (especially car games) are kinda boring to me. So they mechnaics might be realistic but there will be stuff like power ups and unrealistic jumps and drifts.