Would Roblox copyright me for assets they uploaded?

Hi there,

I was recently experimenting with the Racing template in Roblox Studio and I came across the following audio uploaded by a Roblox admin: motorloop - Roblox

However, this audio is not free which means the admin that uploaded it retains the copyright, so the question comes, could (or better said ‘would’) Roblox copyright strike my game for using the audio within a different (non-racing related) Roblox game?


They may made the sound. and didn’t know it was copyright
you don’t get copyright if roblox admin made it!
You don’t care about all that.

Roblox not gonna copyright you. cause they know the sounds are made by roblox admins.
You can remove the sound real quick. if you don’t want it only!

Do you see a lot of games have copyright sounds. and roblox doesn’t warn them!
They make sound stop quick. so they can’t get copyright for it.

ignore that didn’t realize what he said.

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I am not talking about how to get away with copyright, I am talking about whether it would be copyrighted or not, since I morally don’t want to infringe on their copyright.

Didn’t read. checked quick!!

i don’t think offsales are copyright too.

They don’t want someone take their own stuff…