Would these bottle assets be moderated or against Roblox terms of service?


On a commission I’m working on, someone made these assets and wants me to use them. I was wondering if they would be moderated, or against roblox terms of service? They don’t have any branding but they could be mistaken for alcoholic beverages, even though they are not intended/used as such.


I personally don’t think they would they just look glass oil bottles.


They could get moderated due to their shapes being similar to;

  1. Red wine bottle
  2. Jack daniels bottle
  3. a bit more unclear but can be seen as a vodka bottle
  4. beer bottle

nonetheless, Asset moderation on roblox isn’t always as stable so It would heavily depend on the moderator itself. I’d personally stay away from it since their shapes are most certainly not representing a bottle for juices or water.

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Changing their colours could also be interpretted as oil bottles, juice cartons, coca cola bottles, vinegar bottles, and fizzy water bottles. :flushed:


Sadly, none of us are Roblox moderators, therefore, we never truly know what is going on.

I honestly think that depending on the moderator, these assets might get moderated, because some moderators might figure that since the model has no context, it is not just given that they are alcoholic beverages. However, that being said, another moderator might assume these are alcoholic beverages thanks to the colors and the shapes of all the bottles.

Honestly, you might want to consider contacting the person who made these and see if they could change the colors to maybe look more like a 2-liter soda bottle instead of an alcoholic beverage?

Anyways, just a rule of thumb, if you have to ask whether something is right, then likely the answer is no.

Moderation does take context into account so games with bottles typically won’t get moderated, but it’s not easy to understand where they make the divide between an alcoholic beverage and just a regular bottle of liquid. Labels would probably help, but aren’t a surefire way out of this.

Really the only thing I can say is that bottles can be applicable to any kind of use case considering alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages can share the same shapes of bottles, so they’ll probably be context hunting more than anything. I am 80% sure they are okay to use.


Do you think if it’ll be an issue if it’s set in a bar in terms of context?

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A bar setting drops my confidence level by a huge margin, assuming that you aren’t using any labels.

The problem I see is that moderation won’t know if you intend for it to be alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages, so it’ll most likely be a moderation on the basis of ambiguous context. Whether they actually do that or not, not sure, but I’m not ruling that possibility out.

Are you able to potentially contact DevRelations or support regarding this matter for a more official response? They may be able to help you determine what contexts are okay to use these bottles in and what might get you moderated.