Would these team names break the terms?


Hey Devs!

I was wondering if I made two teams for my game called “allied” and “axis” and they would fight like Phantom Forces would that be ok? I’m wondering because some people get touchy about the “axis” powers because of you know the Germans during WW2. Well please let me know thanks so much from John…


Since it directly relates to WWII, my guess is yes. Is there a reason you don’t want to consider other team names?


Hey @TheNexusAvenger yeah because I want it to be the most realistic as possible if you can come up with any other names I would be happy to hear.


I think Call of ROBLOXIA (by lit, the precursor to Phantom Forces), had teams labelled “Axis” and “Allies” before. But be careful as to uploading any WWII German content as some may violate the ToS, such as red arm bands or any other symbols. But other factors on axis are the Italian/Japan, not just Germany.


Well this game has been up for a while and It has teams named “allied” and “axis”.


If you’re hesitant about “Axis”, try Central powers from WWI?


This has been asked before - and the answer always is “just use other names.” You can still have “”“historical accuracy”""" and have different names. Even if other games use these names, it’s not worth the risk since you’re just setting yourself up to be at the judgement of moderation. Regardless if it passes or fails, you’ll be constantly thinking about it.


The term axis was to describe the opposite of the allies - basically the enemy. The Japanese were also referred to as the Axis, and they are not portrayed like the Germans are. The “Axis of Evil” was a term used to generally describe enemies of the Allies when the war started.

Since the term has no real meaning other than being used to identify the ‘enemy’, there should be no reason that the terminology alone is against the terms of service.

Many other game developers have used the term with no problem as it has no real significance when it comes to any form of hate speech or war crimes or the like.

The only thing you have to worry about is the portrayal of the Germans - because many of their icons are what is targeted by moderation. Swastikas, red armbands, and the Nazi Eagle are the primary symbols that are banned and can get you in trouble. The German Iron Cross image is an icon that has often been considered by the general public to be a suitable and appropriate replacement for the swastika in modern culture; many movies and video games will use that icon in place of a swastika to avoid offending the public, or representing nazi political goals.

Of course I can’t comment on roblox’s depiction of the iron cross.


Uhh, why not allied and opposition? You can easily pass “Us vs Them” and make it realistic.


I agree. I see no immediate issue with it. It all depends on how you dress either side.