Would this 3d model be "okay" to use in a Roblox game

Read the guidelines but they’re as vague as ever, so my issue with this model is; with common sense it would not be considered indecent in any other context, but by Roblox’ taste would it fall under Nudity?

I’ve already edited the texture to make it “friendly” enough but do I have to straight up remove the chest bubbles? I’ve seen games with rather detailed butt cracks on their monsters and god bless them, but would just having spheres on a robot get me in any trouble?

If nobody has a definite answer then I’m fine with simply removing them,


Should probably scale down/remove the chest bumps and recolour them. They look too noticeable and may not be appropriate for kids. There are official Roblox avatars that do have chest bumps, but they are rather small and not that noticeable I guess

well this is so weird to talk about lolol


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