Would this be a good idea?

So my friend wants to make this game and I’m gonna help him with it. It is basically a game based like Temple Run but Dungeon Quest style. So basically: You go through different dungeons and do the basic temple run thing and then you get to a boss.

Does this idea seem good? Thank you.

I will try and find out more about the game but currently this is all I know.


I feel like before you took this idea to the devforum, you should’ve thought and planned the game out more because from what you’ve told us there isn’t much information to lead to a conclusion of what your game will be like. Your description, at least for me, isn’t ample enough so could you elaborate please.



  • Off the top of my head, I wouldn’t be too sure that’s a good idea, at least very interesting to think about. Boss fights with a temple run style, that’s an interesting take on things. I could see it if done correctly, however I’m not sure how the boss fight would work out.

  • If there is a concept to where the player may occasionally stop running to fight something, to give the player a feeling for how the fighting works before actually going into a boss fight might work. Although implementing that and figuring out a mechanic for that is challenging. I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad idea, in fact it very well could be a fantastic idea. Of course, this is all subjective to everyone’s own opinion. For me, sure, I like this idea.

Hopefully you can make your game great and in the end be successful!!

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I don’t know. Maybe the player will keep running and the boss will like breathe fire or obstacles and they have to dodge. As I said, I will try to get more information.

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Hmm, that does seem interesting. Perhaps you can have some idea/concept like in Cluster Truck. If you haven’t heard of that game, there is a ending level to where the player runs up a boss and has to press a button in order to destroy the boss. While doing this the player has to avoid obstacles while jumping around.

Now this is creative thinking Pinleon, I really like this idea. Breathing fire, perhaps even wall-running to avoid branches does seem challenging and would be engaging for the player. I would suggest to continue this basic concept as it has some potential I’d say.


Yeah at first I thought, “this sounds boring!” But then I actually thought about it and what potential it could have. Perhaps there could be trucks that you would dodge. The possibilities of what obstacles to add are endless!

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Seems interesting, but there’s not enough information to know the full concept of this game yet. It’s a very odd combination, but there can be many ways you can make it work. I think it can be a great idea if it is done well. But, if it is done poorly than it can be a confusing idea.


Seems like a good idea, there’s no other popular games that are like that.

There is a line runner template you could experiment with and heavily modify later.

and this aswell.



the boss fight could be that all of a sudden u get a weapon.
the boss throws attacks(make sure to evade boss attacks. if u get hit make it like -10 dmg)
the player will automatically attack the boss like 3 seconds after the boss finishes throwing attacks
and this keeps repeating until the boss is finished and the level is complete

simple :+1:

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I just learned more! So you go start a level, you start running, then you get to a fighting area where you fight monsters and earn xp, then the level continues and finally you get to the boss and fight it. So I do not think you keep running while the boss is there.

what i mean is that you keep running no matter what. when the boss comes he be just floating off the ground. he’ll hurl stuff at u, and u try and dodge them. once he finishes raging then the player automatically starts raging too. this keeps on going until the level is finished

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No I mean that I got information from the person (my friend) that created the idea.

It isnt a bad idea but it also isn’t too good of an idea and let me explain to you why.

This isn’t a bad idea because this is more than unique then most of the game on Roblox’s front page as of now, and the reason this isn’t such a good idea is because it needs more depth to it, maybe even add a story to get people interested and not just plop them in a world where they don’t have any prior knowledge of anything going on.

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If you feel like it has potential, go for it. Sounds like a good idea to me. Although it is quite unique, if made properly it could become a popular game!

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So this is interesting but let’s break this down:

How far into temple vs how far into a DQ situation. Each have some pretty polarizing mechanics that may not blend well.

Having a boss at the end implies combat throughout and i will say this now. Figure out whatever your player is doing 90% of your game and make that feel amazing

Then work out. You may need to experiment, to me it seems like you would want to do micro timed rooms instead of a timed dungeon yo race through to end. But if your running 90% of the time the boss fighting it splits up alot of your core game loop and interaction

Impossible, no, but I would take the time to answer what is my player doing 90% of the time

I got more updates. So like for level one there is a certain amount of stages (parts). I know more stuff about level two. It is called Broken Bank I think (though I wonder how that entails to the game name: Temple Raiders). There are 14 stages and the boss is called The Sheriff.