Would this be allowed?

There are a few games that allow players to buy or obtain a laser gun somehow (the roblox one where you shoot people and they evaporate)

Well they will alter these to be completely client sided so that on the client the person they shot dies but they dont actually die its on the client in reality on the other persons screen nothing happens

This can give players the illusion that they are killing people and trolling / being abusive which will cause them to stay in the game longer and have fun and stuff while the other person can keep playing the game without being killed over and over (you get the idea)

some developers will sell these laser guns to people for a lot of robux when in reality it does nothing

my question: is this allowed by roblox?
second question: is this a good idea?


I’m not 100% up to date with Roblox’s ToS, but I think as long as you put “client sided” in the description of the product you should be fine.

Might work for a while, but people will figure out that something weird is happening sooner or later.