Would this be considered "excessive violence"?

Would this be considered too extreme according to Roblox’s rules, even though the meshes and the texture were approved?


Possibly, especially with the hyper realistic skulls and heads on his neck.


Hard to say, looks awesome but I’ve never seen someone attempt to publish a game with a model like that. :flushed:

Actually, now that I think about it, I’ve seen worse on the roblox page, to the point of gore, I think you’ll be fine.

In my personal opinion, I wouldn’t say it’s too violent.

However, remember what your largest potential player base is: children.

I’d just say remove the heads and you’re a-okay, in terms of appealing to children, but overall it shouldn’t be against the terms of service.

I don’t see why it would be considered “excessive violence”. Excessive violence would include blood & other “too realistic” and “inappropriate” stuff. Only bit excessive is the skulls, which I still think are okay.

There’s way worse on Roblox so you’ll most likely be alright, especially since they approved your textures.

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I fear no man but those heads…
…they scare me
On a serious note though, it’s kind of a gamble. I’d just stay safe, remove the heads and it’d be good to go

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I’d suggest making the game for 13 year olds plus and you should be alright, after all there’s the jeff the killer games as well as other horror games that are on Roblox.

Not to mention games like Rogue Lineage and such and such…

This is an awesome model though, I’d definitely play the crap outta this should it ever come out :stuck_out_tongue:

Like others I also believe that you should remove the heads they kinda scare me. Maybe you should replace it with a only a skull and not a whole human head

Reminder that The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time had the shadow temple, the dead hand and the bottom of the well and still got rated E for everyone. I’d use that as a benchmark.

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Usually theres a rule that goes around with these types of things:

If you question if it’s allowed or not, don’t add it at all, its more of a risk of adding it then not.


There’s games where you can brutally beat up NPCs and have their blood splat all over the place, you’ll be fine and if that’s 100% UGC that is yours, then I believe that ROBLOX might actually like it because this looks really attractive.

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Yeah in my experience as a child, I can confirm that boys are not a fan of violence.

Thanks for all the replies!

I will probably leave it be if there are worse things around, or replace the head in the middle with a skull

Unfortunately, it is not acceptable for the middle one because it comes close to a actual human head.
Moreover, some of his hair from afar looks like he’s being attached from the inside of his missing eyes,

Skulls are fine because it is fully-rotten, and just represent a deceased human since it is well known that skeletons are easily disassembled.
While a actual skinned one is more accurate to be said “beheaded” / “executed”.

Turn him into a skull and you’ll be fine.

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Like Kenamil said, as long as you change the middle one to having a bone like texture instead of a skin texture, you should be fine.
“In most of the Eastern traditions, the skull is considered as the clandestine symbol which is used for the secret rituals. Some of the legends considered it as a powerful protector deity and in the traditions of Hindu, Chinese, and Tibetan”
Skulls are commonly used in traditional events in tribes, so you’ll most likely be fine after you change the texture.

This could because of the middle head on the necklace, it’s a actual human head unlike the skulls on the left and right.

Video games do not cause violence its an extremely mislead movement that is backed by pseudoscience. The only way that video games would cause violence is if they ask players to commit acts of violence which I don’t see any game doing. Video games can be seen an alternate world that players can be in with no consequences compared to the outside world which they know has consequences. The only reason video games causes “Violence” is external based on how addictive the game is paired with how capable the kid is at balancing it with real life and the parenting style that is approached to video games. The parenting style is the most important factor because its the main reason why kids can be so aggressive. If the parents are aggressive toward video games which most parent who side with this are then the kid’s reaction is equally as aggressive. So no, that is not excessively violent because it does not ask the player to do horrible things to others but rather a character in a alternate world which does not play a part in the real world.

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Change the middle head into a skull and you should be fine