Would this be considered Gambling or is it ok?

I am wanting to implement a pack system into my game, where players can purchase a pack (using robux or in-game currency) and it will give them about 3-5 slots, where each slot they could earn something really big and rare like a creature to spawn as or something common, like a small amount of in-game currency. https://i.gyazo.com/thumb/1200/5baaf5771910cbe3d2454a8b583a1931-png.jpg
I got this idea from Wizard101, and along with it, it would have some incredible benefits to our gameplay and balancing.
I have done a small amount of research and found this:

I’m not sure if this would be considered gambling or not? I really hope not.

As long as they are not betting their stuff in order to gain something bigger or to lose profit, it is not considered gambling and is therefore safe to use within your games.

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As long as Robux is not involved, then it is okay and you can go ahead with the idea. However, if you were thinking of using Robux (making users buy the slots for Robux) then that would be against the ToS (It may be from the ToU or Community Rules though, I’m not sure lol).


They could buy the pack for robux or in-game currency. It comes with the slots free, so they get multiple chances at rewards per pack

Could you read my description? I’m not sure if it qualifies.

Well if Robux is involved then I’d say you wouldn’t be allowed.

Would it help if I warned them that they may not get the item they are hoping for? It is never “unprofitable” because they will always get something of some value.

That’s basically just putting up a warning that they are about to start gambling with Robux (against Roblox ToS).

Anything purchasable with Robux must have a definite thing that the player will receive.


Medieval Warfare uses a rolling system and it hasn’t been acted against? Is this not against tos?

I haven’t played that game myself but if it doesn’t use Robux then it’s okay. If they use Robux then they most likely are breaking ToS but likely haven’t been spotted by Roblox yet.

As long as it’s around something like paying a bit more like a prize wheel spin again (which is gambling still) it should be fine!

Okay I think I figured it out, by stating the chances to the player, as long as you let them know "hey this is your chance of getting _ and _, they are okay with it and it is not considered gambling, since it is a chanced scenario not a gamble. Guidelines around users paying for random virtual items

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