Would this clip from Saw 5 be inappropriate?

Hello, I want to put in a clip from classic Halloween film Saw 5, that has some minor blood and gore. Would this be more family friendly if I put it into a Halloween themed game? Yes it might have some minor blood, but to be fair it is a Halloween themed game, so is it fine?


Also after/if you agree on it’s appropriateness, should I upload each individual frame as a decal, or can I upload the video to the game publicly yet


That is kinda nfsw, first of all it hurting people really bad and second of all, you could make a better game that is not torturing people, it really scary. The problem is that majority of people that play roblox is kid-teens. I cant imagine if i saw this 3 years ago (im 13 now).


You can disable the blood and gore if their account age wasn’t met the minimum account age requirement.

This is what i found:

  1. Overly violent content and/or content related to tragic current events or circumstances. We do not allow such content, including:
  • Atrocities, massacres, and other shocking real (or pseudo-real) world events; and
  • Extreme violence, physical or psychological abuse.

Creating positive game experiences. When designing your game, focus on providing positive game experiences for our community (e.g., working in a pizza restaurant, building a theme park, etc.). You should encourage the proper use of your game and never directly or indirectly encourage inappropriate behavior. For example, experiences within a game should not have an inappropriate theme (sleepover/slumber parties), contain nude or partially clothed characters, or display suggestive animations. Below is a list of inappropriate behaviors (and please note this list is not comprehensive; you should think through if you are providing or promoting inappropriate behavior):

  • Providing users’ personal information;
  • Harassment or bullying;
  • Using or encouraging the use of profanity (swearing);
  • Child endangerment;
  • Hate speech or actions;
  • Impersonation and defamation;
  • Threats and self-harm;
  • Looking for dates or dating partners;
  • Sexual content or overly violent content;
  • Dangerous, unethical and illegal activities; or
  • Content that implies or makes an avatar appear naked or in underwear/undergarments. This includes solid color avatars without clothing.

So basically that mean try to make other type of game other than torturing because its grim


Um, well, I’m wasn’t signed in on yt and it asked me for my age to view it… I’d say don’t put this anywhere near Roblox. It’s probably way to bloody & gory for the kids who play Roblox.

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LOL do you really have to ask? All I had to see was the name of the tab to know the answer here.

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Yeah, that’s definitely not appropriate for Roblox. They kind of dislike having virtual gore, let alone real-life gore. Even if it is artificial, it involves humans and blood. Also, there’s no way to actually verify that a user is over 13, so that verification isn’t an option. Also, this clip of the film clearly violates @ikanbuntal12’s snippet of the ToS.

This is a really silly question to ask. You should know already that ROBLOX is a platform for all ages, and the game is mostly targeted towards a younger audience. So no, it’s nowhere near okay to post this. It’s simple common sense, read the ToS.

I would make a long post about this, but I’m too lazy.

As for as i’m aware this would be quite inappropriate including younger audience and on the platform however, as long as the blood and gory isn’t too realistic. I would encourage against doing this.

If you have to ask and see if it’s allowed or inappropriate a most likely answer will be probably ‘no’ since your going for a Halloween theme why not try creating something that’ll be kid friendly without to much violence and gore in it.

I feel like there’s no need to include a movie clip make it related to the theme your going for.

I would be careful with moderation when you do include clips with bloody content in your game; i’ll consider reviewing the TOS and see if it doesn’t break any specific rules. The clip is quite graphic and resemblance violent as it may fall under (Section 1" (9 -10)

You cannot know the age of a user since that would break COPPA
(Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act)

The same thing goes for any legal information about a user, like birthday, legal name, address, etc.

So there isn’t any way to measure a user’s age.

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I agree but what if I muted the sound?

Still not allowed, as i said its grim to see that. blood and guts? forget it, dont make a game with those unless if you wanna get ban smashed

Almost nothing from SAW is appropriate for a Roblox audience. Anything that’s SAW related on Roblox that is still up is heavily doused down to be non-violent and just casual minigames with a spooky theme twist. The moment you yourself had to say “warning”, you gave yourself the answer to your question.


Measuring the


Might don’t work?

Not that type of age, she is talking about the real life age of the player, or more specifically, type of account the player has in age wise. Roblox does not provide any API that will help you find that info about player’s account. Sure you can try to find the player’s account type by using the Roblox filter but that’s just unreliable at best.

There is also the fact that the scene OP provided is a NSFL torture scene that is definitely beyond the limit of what you can put inside a Roblox game. Considering there are only 2 types of accounts on Roblox that is determined if user is above 13 or not, this idea is a bad one from the start.

From youtube:



Running time:1:35:08

It is impossible because there is a rating.

Currently, you can’t upload videos to roblox.

This is a big no no. A lot of people who SAW that says the same.

best pun ever 10/10

I’m a she, but thank you for backing up my statement.
You worded it much better than I would’ve.

Any time you say this, that automatically means inappropriate. Plus that video is so scary.

Oh sorry about that, I edited and fixed that now.