Would this game be accepted within 17+ ratings? TRAILER FOR RUSSIAN ROULETTE


I believe suicide is against TOS, and +17 allow very mature content so maybe, or maybe not, but the game looks very well made I must say!


probably didn’t need to post the trailer but i’m sure it’ll be allowed for 17+
(stuff like this was already on roblox for 13+)


Sentinel core?


Isnt this just the classic russian roulette game that was making rounds a few years ago?


Its been deleted for me multiple times. Also this is the creations section


Do u mean sentience? In thst case yes


Its like a replica not exactly that one

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What’s up with people wanting to make suicide games :skull:

Use at least 1 brain cell please


im sorry but i fried all of them already

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I’m pretty sure suicidal themes are still against Roblox’s 17+ Policy Standards, although not specifically mentioned. I assume that Roblox’s regular Community Standards apply to 17+ experiences unless specifically stated in the 17+ Policy Standards, in which Suicide isn’t talked about as of this time.

Suicide is an extremely sensitive topic that Roblox will most likely never be including in their platform (I’m not Roblox, take this with a grain of salt).

Hope this answered your question.


Even if this is allowed in 17+ games, you unfortunately can’t have 17+ promotional materials according Roblox’s guidelines. The promotional materials have to be suitable for all ages so even if they allow this as a game you can’t have that trailer on the game’s description page.

You can read a bit about the 17+ guidelines here:


Your game violates the rules of roblox and will be mercilessly deleted like other similar games on the theme of Russian roulette. Do you think kids under 18 will play something like this? I’m sure people over 18 will play “real roulette”, or find games outside of the roblox platform, which wouldn’t look as funny as your trailer.
Unless you will use brains and replace the revolver with a toy gun, and when the bullet flies out of the barrel it will actually be water, and the player will just step out of the table and watch from the side.


The trailer depicts the assumed climax of the game, but it doesn’t psychologically get behind many justifications. Where the trailer started the story’s conflict by displaying participants die playing Russian roulette, it wasn’t resolved by a moral in some manner, or at least, it was unclearly senseless. Nevertheless, well made!

chatgpt generated reply but we up :speaking_head:

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it can be +17 game but have %30 possibility to get terminated
if I have this game I don’t share this game

forgot to say, such games have already been on roblox, so where they are now? only that one from 3 weeks ago? (1) Russian Roulette [Admin] - Roblox
and its 13+ lol

is it seriously that hard to create something that’s actually unique? this concept has already been done countless times, regardless of if this is even ethical to release something that heavily depicts realistic suicide to minors.
this is not a good idea, scrap it.

im not interested in such suicidal roulette games.