Would this game be allowed?

Hey, I’m thinking of making a torture-experimentation game on roblox. The game will consist on experimenting or torturing zombies to help a research team get a cure for the infection.

We know “torture” games aren’t allowed in Roblox, but it will:

  • have a setting for blood and gore, and I will be limiting it
  • be age restricted 13+, obviously
  • depict zombies, not humans
  • mostly consist of experimenting with vaccines, doing tests, etc
  • not have any evil torture, but I will try achieving a balance between fun and really sinister stuff

There’s already games that do experimenting with humanoids and such, I’m not applying the “because someone else does it I can do it to” logic, but these games have been on for a long time so I guess Roblox has no problem with them.

I actually started making the game, and this is how the room will look like:

I know, I will be hitting the LIMIT of Roblox, but honestly with the points I listed on top I’m doubting if it’s going to be deleted.
So what’s your thoughts? Should I continue on this game or hop onto other proyects?


You can’t use syringes in Roblox, so that may limit vaccines. I would think that this game wouldn’t be allowed.

These kind of “Testing on people games” usually get banned by Roblox pretty quick, especially if how you say it would contain torture and vaccines which both break Roblox rules. Games like Ro-Bio or similar are great examples as they get banned usually in the same week as a new copy is created.