Would this game concept get much players? (Poll)

Currently, I am making a horror game with my team; however, we are very early in development. I quickly sketched up an idea and I’m having concerns if this game will gain many players or will at least be somewhat entertaining.

My idea is a fairly large maze split up into 3 sectors with rooms that branch off the hallways that will have tools, materials, and food. There will also be monsters roaming the maze. The monster will have a path that it walks around the maze in, if it detects a player in a certain radius it will speed up and chase down the player. However, you can escape by hiding in your base or hiding in a locker.

You can build bases by getting materials and placing them together. (Very similar to the SCP 3008 placement system. NOT A CRAFTING SYSTEM!) However, if the monster detects you in the base, it can start tearing down the materials. The monster will only have 5 hits until it gives up and walks away. Depending on the material depends on the strength of the material. You can also buy more strength in the shop using points, too.

If you run out of stamina or health, you can consume food or drinks to regenerate your status. All items respawn every 15 minutes.

However, the main objective is to escape. There will be tools that will spawn throughout the sectors and you will have to bring them to the exit room and open the exit door. There are many other features too. Such as a camera room, boarded-up doors, and more.

I am wondering if this game will get any players or will just be boring for the average player.
If this is a bad idea, feel free to spot out the parts that don’t make it enjoyable and possible features that could make it better for the player!

Good Idea?
  • Won’t gain any players whatsoever.
  • Probably only a few visits per week.
  • Might gain a few concurrent players.
  • Maybe a couple hundred visits a week.
  • Great idea, at least 50 concurrent players.

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Still looking for opinions! Feel free to give your idea on the game concept!

“Every game has potential to get popular” - Generic Game Developer

I think this is a good concept to prehaps get enough players to last a while. I’m not sure what age group you’re aiming for which might be crucial for the game’s success, but I’ve never decided on such factor before so I can’t say too much.


No one can predict that. Sometimes surprisingly badly designed games gain so much popularity and instead games with cool idea are accepted just by a few geeks. Design a game partially, let your Roblox-friends play, etc. Listen to them and improve your creation accordingly; do not listen to us, who just read a description :slight_smile:
And good luck! :roblox:

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