Would this game idea / storyline be appropriate for roblox?

Hello developers, I would like to know if this game I am planning to make is appropriate for the Roblox platform. I have never seen a story game along the lines of these, so I would hope I would make the story as rich as possible.

Since I do not want to spoil anything too badly, here is somewhat of a summary.

The player will be immersed in an environment where they can type phrases and sometimes drag, drop, scroll, and look around in the area to progress and alter the story. The story will, as realistically as possible, portray the imagination of a person who has been put into a coma after suffering a severe crash at the age of 16, while listening to the world around him go by.

Would a scene where:

  • The player is shown drowning in a sea of “emotions” and must flee to the surface of “calmness”,
  • A love interest from character to the player, in the forms of hanging out to confession,
  • Parents are arguing/talking about the wellbeing/successfulness of the player,
  • A character referencing the suicide(or death) of a relative
  • Or A character passing out due to stress (not seen, but portrayed with audio and screen reacting to sound)

… be appropriate for Roblox? These will be possibly voice-acted if I can allocate the budget, but it will be most likely a game with the majority being text, visuals, and some sound effects. These are all the topics in my outline that are most concerning to me in the game’s story. I seriously want to have a story-adventure type game like this on the Roblox platform, and would gladly tweak the story to fit guidelines.

Many thanks,

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There are some parts that would not be allowed:

Dating is not allowed on Roblox.

Death is OK, but stay away from suicide references as Roblox deletes any game with them.

This sounds too intense for Roblox, you should make the story less violent in case young children play.

And also, you can always check and double check the Terms of Service to ensure your game won’t be taken down.

you can make these kind of games but you should somehow make it so that kids cant play?

You can sponsor them only towards accounts over the age 13.

but there are other problems where kids dont actually put their real age ?

Below is my personal speculation. I am not a mod, and it is likely that anyone replying to this won’t be a mod either.

This seems like a risk, but it’s hard to say without knowing the context.

Hanging out: sure. Confession: Absolutely not. Hand holding has been moderated before. So I think the most that can be portrayed is really, really, really strong platonic friendship with a Rorschach test on whether there’s anything more to it or not.

Probably not a good idea. Though, suicide doesn’t make for good storytelling in my opinion. It should be easy enough to replace it with something else.

Maybe put a warning that this game is extremely intense if you are below the age of 13 play at your own risk. Or just like some warning to scare off little kids; like roblox did with the robux thing.

I now realize that portraying it isn’t allowed either after looking over ToS again, whoopty doo there goes a chunk of my story laughcrying.jpeg

Yeah, I planned to hint at it during one scene I’ve written, where a character breaks down in front of the paralyzed player, Ill probably remove that suggestion.

This event is not shown, as the player starts in the coma. But the only similar reference is a time-frozen flashback of a paramedic ride after the event. Would that still be considered too intense? (zero blood or gore, just the character moving their camera through a near void filled ambulance interior.)

Thank you for your reply!

that is actually good idea since the arsenal event actually had a warning message

That’s correct, I am planning to implement a strong warning both in the description and one before starting the game

I would recommend doing something similar to this:

Context: The player is sent back into a “dream state” with the first thing happening is them hearing a splash sound and the void (darkness) opening up several paths of “statements” growing exponentially as they descend down further. They either “return to the surface” by choosing the path they most remember, or have the screen that is slowly blackening completely blanken symbolizing they have “drowned” in the bad memories.

That actually seems like an efficient tweak to the story. Making the love interest just be an extremely close friend seems like the best route to effectively convey the emotion I intend.

I was only hinting at it, but you do make a good point of it being not so good for a storytelling-like game. I could tweak the story to just have it mention the death only.

Thank you for your reply!