Would this get copyrighted?

What I want to achieve

  • A roleplay game that is similar to among us!

The issue

  • I’m not 100% sure if this will get copyrighted or not!

I will make every asset in this game solely from my own hands, but I just want to question what if the assets are similar like. Will this get copyrighted?


I would make the characters less similar to AU to prevent getting copyright claimed


Name the game something else like among me and change the design a bit and add some new thinks.


I’ve seen multiple other games do this, without trouble. You should be fine. Innersloth does not own the idea of a cartoony astronaut, and you already changed the design up a bit from the base Among Us character.


@SidePain By looking at the model of the character of the original Among Us game, you might get copyrighted. You wanna make sure that it looks slightly different from the original made, also making custom maps, names and logos will be different.

The thing is I will try to make kinda different from the rest because everything has to be different and it’ll be like its your original idea

Hope it helps, pal

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It’s a lack of integrity riding on other people’s ideas and successes. There are so many games that copy among us and or the concepts from it that feel like cheating.

Personally you need to make the game mechanics more than 75% original and your idea if you want my approval

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It’s best to make a game with your own creativity and power your own imagination, don’t do this…

And I feel like a copystrike could come anytime, specially if there’s monetization…

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You will most likely not get copyrighted, however I do not recommend making an Among Us game, because they are just unoriginal. A lot of people, including myself, do not like making or playing unoriginal games. Players want something new. Why play your game when they can actually play Among Us? I think you should maybe change the character design, to play it safe though.

@worldwarbattle, I totally agree. Among Us is overrated and unoriginal. Also, it would be likely the game would be copyrighted if it got popular. On the other hand, your work seems moderate and mid-detail, which is nice. I do recommend switching to another category.