Would this logo be allowed?

I know the answer may be obvious to some as it’s not obscene at all (unless they’re extremely sensitive to everything), but would something with this as a ‘parody’ logo be allowed?

It’s for my trains in my game called Rails Unlimited. Clearly parodied off of BART, or Bay Area Rapid Transit (which I’m sure Roblox staff use every so often, including myself when I was at RDC) and still making sense.

I don’t see why this would not be allowed. Thoughts?


Why don’t you try Uploading it?

My thought is I don’t see why it shouldn’t be allowed but sometimes the Auto-Moderation System which is a Bot I believe make Mistakes and Delete completely appropriate Images like these ones

If your image get’s Deleted then you can either Appeal if you are a Member or you can Change 1 Pixel & Re-Upload the Image if you are a New Member.

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