Would this suit as a lobby?


I’m working on a new game, that has no specific style to it. I can’t release too much details either.

Now, a while ago i made this building. Today the day, it has no purpose yet, as a created it in free time.

Now i wonder, would this suit as a game’s lobby? It’s not going to be a warfare game, neither a car-game.

Ignore the fact there’s not much interior yet, ofcourse.

See it in-game here: Could this serve as a game-lobby? - Roblox

Screenshots. Beware, LARGE images!




I’m not sure because I don’t know what the game is about. Would you tell me what the game is about? Idk as you said you can’t release many details about the game.

It looks like a cool lobby, it’s pretty empty though. I could judge it better if I at least knew what the game is about.

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Hello, I think It would fit as a lobby. Whatever YOU think fits in YOUR game is how it should go. This works well as a lobby (hopefully gets furnished). Besides the fact that it looks like a garage, it’s cool.