Would this type of medical system be too inappropriate for Roblox?

Hello guys!
Just need to make sure my medical system is appropriate. (By the way, the system is GUI based, not tool based, so it does not show any animations or the character using anything)
The system has many things that can happen, like bleeding and blacking out. Some of the things the player can use are bandages, splints, Koka Kola (And many other types of drinks), blood bags, and tourniquets.


It stays appropriate as long as it doesn’t come close to drugs,
or contents that people would automatically assume it is related to drugs…

The one common thing you should avoid are dopes in the form of a Syringe (injection).

Or medical drugs, pills, or a tone of gore.

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All the actions you listed should be fine. As long as it’s not extreme with gore, you should be good. Although syringes are not allowed, there’s nothing in the ToS that prevents you from using an IV(which you could use with the blood bag).

I would avoid using Coca Cola to avoid issues with copyright, other then that it seems alright but be sure not to sure any blood.

But technically, Koka Kola is a different name than Coca Cola, so I don’t think they can copystrike me for that. So, is “Koka Kola” still allowed?


Koka Kola is fine, i believe even “Cola” works.

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“Cola” isn’t copyrightable because it is a type of medical serum(Essentially it’s another name for cough syrup). In fact, the official names of Coke and Pepsi are Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola, since they were both originally based in a cough syrup.


Much gore, drugs, pills, blood is allowed, remember not by Console players, also, do not add alchol at all!

Did you make a typo here? Or did you mean to say this? If you meant to say this, this is false information. What you’re saying would most likely get (user) banned or moderated if he uses your info. :grimacing:

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It would be close to becoming inappropriate, as Divine Sister has a game called De Pride Isle which got took down twice because of bad things, such as cannibals and drug usage. Make sure it isn’t too extreme, so you don’t get banned. :grin: