Would you click on this ad?

I’m trying to build my ROBLOX airline, and I wanted some feedback on this ad that I was thinking about putting up.
I’m not the greatest ad designer, and do not have the budget to hire a professional (since this is a small group, after all). Feedback is appreciated!
airyellow ad copy


No, for these reasons.

The ad is a square. Square ads are only shown at the bottom of the Homepage, Catalog, Avatar Editor, and Group Page.

No one ever sees those ads. I recommend changing it to a “Skyscraper” and type.

Now, to the actual ad.
The picture is Low-Quality. The resolution is very low, and the font is very boring. The shadow of the plane is very choppy, and the backdrop is very bland.

Other than that, I think it’s good!

Btw, if u were wondering, to fix the shadow, turn the Graphics Quality up all the way, and turn the ShadowSoftness to 0.07 (if you are using ShadowMap)

Cheers! :grin:


No I wouldn’t click on it. Mostly the same reasons as Disc but also because it says, “First Class Starting at $20”. People that read that will probably ignore it as they don’t want to spend $20 for a first class perk.


I know that the Square is kind of iffy, I only use it because it gets the most impressions with a short budget. I will try the Skyscraper for my next ad campaign!

Thanks for the feedback!

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No I would not. It is just a roblox screenshot with some basic text.


I’ll make sure to remove the First Class thing when I re-do these ads.

Thanks for your feedback!

Yeah, I’m not very good at making ads. Maybe I should just make an ad that just says “JOIN.” Probably would get more clicks than this ad…

Thanks for your feedback!

You could do a blender render of a flight attendent saying “Come fly with us, First class starts at 20 Robux” or something like that.

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That sounds like a good idea, I’ll have to try something like that!

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I run an airline myself, and I’m pretty big in the Ro-Aviation (RoAv) community, so I think I can offer some advice.

First, I don’t know if you have seen any bigger airlines recently, but RoAv planes no longer look like that. They are normally high quality, or mesh, and it’s a requirement for it to be animated. The plane in the ad appears to be obsolete. Any person in modern RoAv wouldn’t click that, as they would assume you are using old technology.

Second, people outside of the RoAv community have most likely seen ads from other airlines, and when they would see yours, they might think you have no idea what you are doing, and only use a lot of free models.

Feel free to message me, I can assist you and your airline to get on the correct track.


I’m not the greatest at building high quality, detailed things like planes. I bought both the airport and airplane, mainly because they were really good deals for a small airline (I’m pretty sure all together I paid 400-500 for all of it). Luckily, the plane has some animated parts to it (gear, flaps, spoilers, ect,).

I’m going to be working on new ads tomorrow, that will show more of what to expect when flying with us. I’ll try to use some suggestions that were made above, and will try to make things look less outdated, and appealing.

I would not click on the add for the following issues.

1 - The aircraft has no logo or nothing on it

2 - Picture is boring

3 - Text is boring and simple

How to improve?

Take a photo of the aircraft with graphics all the way up. Maybe take the photo from a different angle, for instance the nose of the plane. You could maybe blur the image slightly if you want your text to show up nicer.

Hope this helps. :+1:

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I wouldn’t click the ad because the text is too simple. Also if I were you I would try to go for skyscraper because it is seen the most therefore more people will see it and click it, otherwise it is perfect!

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Probably not

You shouldn’t include a cost in your ad-- it usually gives off certain vibes such as “you have to pay for this” or it costs something. I’m an aircraft enthusiast and I don’t think this interests me that much. The ad is boring and you could even hire someone for 500 robux to add something better to it. The background looks kinda empty, too.
You should add your logo or some color to the plane. Be bold


I personally wouldn’t. It looks nice and all… But Its really not a popular thing anymore. Plus I find it blends in with others I’ve seen… Which makes me really not want to click it. The ad is a square, which are unpopular. And also, the ‘’$20’’. Is that real money or.? Not sure which tbh. Plus I really don’t think it will get much. “First Class Starting at $20” Really puts off the thing you are trying to sell. Because they wouldn’t pay for it. Really sorry to dishearten you by this. But its all kinda true…

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No, since the font of the text seems very boring and simple to me,
as they said there, the shadow of the plane looks strange, the background of the map looks very empty
I know you can improve it :smiley:
I wish you the best of luck

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Hello! I would recommend you to find some fonts on dafont.com. They have good fonts, and you can download it. I would recommend you to add some layers to your ad so it would look a bit better.

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Thank you to everyone that has replied!
I did take some new photos for the ads, and they look a lot nicer than this original!
I’ll make sure to stop using the Square ad, take out the price (don’t know why I added that in the first place…) and use some better fonts!
Once again, thanks so much!
Have a wonderful day! :smiley:

I wouldn’t click on it just yet, because one the airplane shadow just looks all choppy and not smooth, the text is really basic, and the lighting can get better. Try using Blender or a 3D software to make it a GFX type ad, and make the text pop out which should definitely catch the attention of the user(Strokes, gradient layers, etc).

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Just wondering, how do you get a Roblox model into Blender?