Would you pay for access to our game; "The Dunes"?

Recently my development team and I have been working on game, “The Dunes”, and I was wondering if you would pay for access if you came across it while it was in the pre-alpha testing stage.

The Dunes is a desert/wasteland RPG adventure game based in a post-apocalyptical future. You are woken up and tasked with gaining knowledge and information of where you are and what happened, and at the same time following a story line.

The game is semi-open world, the closest reference we have of what the story line is like is The Last of Us 2; it is very similar in a few ways.

Our game:




:exclamation: Outdated map; disregard the backgrounds.



Some things aren’t finalized. For example, in the future walking indoors (seen in the note interaction system video) will change your animations to different custom walk/idle animations, the note in the UI itself will get a major revamp so that it becomes more realistic, etc.

Would you pay for access into our pre-alpha testing demo if it was priced around 25 - 75 Robux, or would you wait for it to fully release? What do you believe the pricing should be?

Additionally, you can find more information in our development discord server.

Any feedback is appreciated.

  • Yes
  • No
  • Possibly (Please state why if possible)

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Personally, I would! I seems very intriguing and interesting. It also seems quite developed just by looking at the photos in my opinion. Good job!


I won’t buy it because I usually don’t spend my money on paid access games, but this game looks pretty cool! I’d play it once it’s fully released. However, in the screenshots you showed, the map looks empty. Try adding more stuff.

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Our game is still under development, in the end it will definitely be filled with more structures and locations. Thanks for the feedback!

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This seems like a very intriguing concept. Not something you often see on Roblox.
So I answered yes, even though I usually don’t spend Robux.

If it’s an fps game I’ll pay double :sweat_smile:

Yes, I would spend money on this game. Games in testing phases should be paid access, I have found that people who actually report bugs to the developers and not spam the group wall with: “pls pls pls pls fix me data gone,” and, “GIVE ME MY COINS BACK OR I REPORT,” tend to be people who do not have robux.

Personally, Possibly.
As you know, I am HYPED about this game.
However, I have no robux, so as soon as I scrounge up the funds…
Anyway, coming along well!
So for clarity, is it Pvp, storyline, and rpg mixed?
Is the builds in blender, studio, or both?
I enjoy the sandstorm part.
Can you run, though?
Anyways, I don’t have the funds :sweat_smile:
Good job, your development team is good
Heh, bit of a ramble :wink:

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It looks very interesting, I would probably buy it. But the walking animation… >-> (Sorry if it sounds rude, but the walking anim doesn’t fit me :/)

Personally, i wouldn’t buy it, even tho the map looks interesting, but the gameplay isn’t too interesting since all you do is walk and collect some notes.

but… if you do add something else to the gameplay, like fighting, or something that could make the gameplay more interesting. i would love to buy it.

and the walking animations needs to be improved, its too rigid.(i think)

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@ORLANDOMAGIC00 @eyrtuiop232 We actually have plans to expand our game further from a story RPG to a multiplayer FPS similar to a game called State of Anarchy, a looting-based combat system where you can find items such as scrap metal, rope, string etc to craft makeshift weapons around the map that you can use to fight players. Though this will come months ahead of time after our pre-alpha has been released.

@Bac_Stab Both, some models are made in blender as well as studio, though as our game progresses we will of course have more high-quality blender models such as guns, items etc.

@eyrtuiop232 @Marekmarian I agree on our walk animation not being the best, it will improve as time goes on.

Thank you all for your feedback.


I chose possibly because I’m broke :sob: :rofl:.But I love the map, and the game looks interesting. If there is a large amount of interactions, clues, events, ect I would definitely check it out once fully released. It doesn’t look that bad.


My answer is possibly
First of all I am broke like many others so that is a factor.
Second of all, I don’t see much of a “finished product”. If I was paying for a roblox game I would want to know if what is available is worth my time. I would need to see someone else play it before me. Nothing really from what I’ve seen here has really peaked my interest to the point where I would want to buy it immediately.
In conclusion, work on it some more and have a trailer that will go with it so players have information that is consolidated in to one place to make a decision. The idea seems great, keep it up! :slight_smile:

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Personally, I wouldn’t, because I already know a few other games that have really similar concepts and terrain like this game. (They’re also free) But I like how your game provides emphasis on the animation and all of the little effects that just make it different, and if I were to get bored of other games I might play it (for a low price). But that’s just me.

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It looks pretty good, maybe I’ll pay access to it if you set it to a reasonable price like 25-150.

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This will definitely be taken into consideration, thank you.

I would need to experience the game as if I was playing it to give a rating.

Very cool i am seeing so many realistic style games poping everywhere.And yeah i would love to pay if the gameplay is good you haven’t showed any gameplay

-Keep it up

@Beastcraft_Gaming @Hexultic Of course, our game is still under heavy development which means that a lot more gameplay teasers are sure to come, we will try our best to simulate the experience as if you are playing it as much as possible. Thank you for your feedback

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When I first saw this I thought you were talking about the planet DUNE, from the movie. I thought of course I would pay, depending on the quality. I saw that it wasn’t the same, but it is still awesome, so I would.