Would you play a game that teaches you programming languages?

I’ve been reading books about computers and programming lately, and I came across a thought of: What if there was a game that could teach you to code in C++ or Python? I haven’t seen games on Roblox that teach different programming languages besides LUA. Would players even pay attention to it?

Would this game be profitable? Could it even gain traffic? I want to know if it will gain revenue and popularity.

I was thinking of having gamepasses like Premium lessons to generate revenue in my game by giving players MUCH MUCH more difficult programming languages.

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I think that’s because there isn’t really a need to learn any other languages besides LUA. Most people who want to learn C++ or Python will usually go watch a Youtube Video. I don’t know if making a roblox game to teach other languages is worth the time, because you can’t use them to make scripts in Roblox.


I mean, why would players choose your platform rather than YouTube? There are so many YouTube tutorials out there so competition is really huge. Plus, I don’t think kids would really spend hours of their time typing and learning some stuff they’re not too familiar with.

Users who are advanced in coding would rather use DevForum or Codecademy.

Users usually go straight to a youtube channel to find programming tutorials, as it is visual and usually people talk along the way. This has been done before as lua game programming, but it didn’t have the best turnout as it isn’t as good as watching a tutorial and making it yourself on studio.

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