Would You Play A Solo Story Game

If I made my upcoming story game a single player game, do you think people (and you) would play it? Please respond yes or no because idk how to make a poll.


If it’s an enjoyable experience with a good story, then yes I’d love to play a game like that.

However I know I’m not the typical demographic for many games on Roblox, so take that with a grain of salt.


That sounds interesting!

I find story games very fun to play, and even though most of those that i’ve tried are multiplayer, a solo story game sounds like a fair idea.

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An interesting idea.
I’m really interested in your idea of making a story game have one player per server.
Actually the reason I like this idea is because most story games who have multiple players sometimes break the feeling of you becoming the main character of the story and the mood of playing this game will all be ruined.
So in general, you have a great idea in making a single-player story game.

Also if you could make such a good single-player story game I would be glad to play it.

I would play it. Most of the time I play them alone anyways and it would make it feel more exciting in my opinion.


Yes indeed I would. I really like game that focus on the story. And if you could make a fun and immersive experience want I would most definitely play it.

If the story is interesting enough then yes, I would play it.

If the story is about you and your experiences and includes interaction with the surrounding and there are NPC’s that may help or hinder you in your quest then yes I would play it.

There are NPC’s that is why I asked

Yes, because solo played games are good for roblox we need more of them sometimes when you play a game you have trollers or hackers ruining the game for you so, yes I would love to see a solo story game as long as the story is good and there is more stuff added.

The whole multiplayer aspect in a lot of story games gets quite annoying when all your teammates die. Of course I’d play a solo story game if one comes out.

That would be a cool thing to see on Roblox, along with Aotrou I am not the type of demographic for a some of Roblox’s games but this would be a pretty good game to be released.

I would, but to be honest I do enjoy the teamwork/social aspects of story games like Break In, Camping, etc, but it does get annoying when people die/kill you. You could maybe make a multiplayer mode and solo mode? I think that is a really unique idea though!