Would YOU play a Team v. Team version of Find the Button?

Hi, I’m AkroThorn, and I’m thinking of making a type of Find the Button game with teams. The main game idea is that one team tries to protect the button and lead the other team off track. This team operates traps and more to try to lead the other team off track and/or kill them before the time runs out while the other team tries to find and press the button. Would you play this, and/or what changes to the main gameplay loop or additions would make you like it more?


I would definitely play this game! I really like the idea of traps. maybe you could add a race game mode where the teams have to do an obby to get the button

This sounds really fun; I like the idea and it’s really great in my opinion. One suggestion though, maybe make power-ups for the team that is finding. An example of a couple of powerups would be like seeing traps (if not visible) or trap immune (for a set amount of time, not permanently)

I would play this game! I love the ideas of 2 teams and 1 button! or maybe 2 teams and 2 buttons and everytime someone press the button it sends a trap to the other team, you should make a game like that with multiple gamemodes/minigames. Love the idea!

CS:GO Hide & Catch mode would fit TvT a lot better.

This is very interesting. I would love to play this kind of game. Keep me updated! Also, I’m interested in being a possible translator for the game (if it ever is possible).

i think it would be better if both teams where trying to either each others button or the same button (probally each others) both teams would still have traps and stuff so kinda like capture the flag but you only have to find the button and there would be traps
also it would be cool if the teams would hide there own button

Thank you! Okay, I’ll see if I can do that.

Thank you! Hmm, I’m not sure about those kinds of power-ups though. They kinda eliminate the purpose of the game. All traps are visible to people who observe (ex. giant hammer in a blockish hole in the wall), and trap immune is just annoying. I could add like a speed boost power up or smth like that which boosts stats, though, so thanks!

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Thank you! I’m not sure what you mean by the 2 buttons 2 teams. Cause if there are only 2 buttons, then there can only be 2 traps, which isn’t very good for killing the other team.

Okay, I’ll try to make a devlog thread if I decide to go past the demo (I’ll probably just message about the demo and other stuff here btw). Also, I don’t really spend money on comissions. Sorry!

Trying to get each others buttons is a viable idea, but I’m unsure if I’ll put it in at launch because I’m probably not gonna have that many players as so that teams are gonna be able to be split into defense and offense (1 on defense and 1 on offense isn’t a very fun feeling, as you’re pretty much just by yourself). On the hiding thing, I think I might add that to the gamemode, but it couldn’t be like ‘making a fake button’ or etc. It’d have to be balanced well, and idk if I can do that lol.

Thanks everyone for your ideas! I might make a trello page for everything, not sure tho.

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Trello page (WIP)