Would you play a very realistic game?

Personally I don’t really think hyper-realistic games fit very well into Roblox. I think blocky/low-poly games fit in better. Hyper-realistic games would be something cool outside of the Roblox platform. Although, some of the hyper-realistic games have some pretty beautiful scenery and I would probably check out your game to see some neat looking things.

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I would definitely play this game, but it would take a long time to make. Good luck! :slight_smile:

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Definitely! I love seeing very realistic games on the platform. I think the fact that there are so many more realistic games being made now is great because I find that it attracts a slightly different audience than the low-medium poly, cartoony games which really permits Roblox to take more steps towards being “for everyone” (not that it isn’t already, but i see some people who don’t recognize that). I’d love to see something like the project you’re describing here :slightly_smiling_face:

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The entirety of this feedback is based on the assumption that when you say “really realistic,” you’re talking about visual detail as well.

… I can see this going in different directions, but what I see keeping players active in the game is just experiencing the sheer realism of it. That being said, to play a “really realistic” game could actually get boring, depending on what the general experience is (will players be realistically flipping burgers or realistically driving private yachts?) This could almost evolve into a vibe game, where players set up an experience in-game to get a certain vibe. (That’s a weird thought: a vibe game where you make your own vibe? Hmm…)

Like I said earlier, you have to make sure the gameplay doesn’t get monotonous. Keep in mind that players generally can’t play a “really realistic” game for “really realistic” long periods of time to simulate real-world time.

I guess what I’m trying to get at is this: what is your reasoning for players playing a really realistic game? For me, personally, it all comes down to gameplay in the end. There are games I have had since 2005 that I still play because they’re fun, while there are modern games that I kind of fall away from because the experience is repetitive every time I join.

Anyways, I hope this helped!


Could you elaborate on this a little more, the concept is quite dull and it doesn’t give us much information on what the game is like what else do you do in "Life Simulator?

It should be interesting and attractive to players that want to play a game like this you need to make it stand out from existing simulators if it’s just the plain gameplay it won’t really gain much players nor interest.

I don’t necessarily think a realistic game is needed, if it’s worth playing go for it put if you don’t have a concept on what the game is and this little information isn’t much to provide feedback on. The little information is “work, pay for stuff and more” what you do there what mechanics are going to be placed in there that are worth playing?

If your wanting a decent concept on how you want your game to look like search up a couple of different types of simulators and see what they have and see what you can do different to make yours stand out from others. You should already have a concept to be involve in making the game, making something that’s just “realistic” isn’t going to gain interaction. Explaining more about the gameplay, concept, would be appreciated.

I would play it!
If their isn’t lag lol

But yeah I would play it.I love realistic games I’ve been seeing all these creators making Realistic games and I want to see more!

I’d play it if It’s kind of like a sims like game, but that’d be neat to play yeah. Go ahead with this idea

For those interesed,
After a few weeks of planning, we came out with the proper idea for the game.
Everything’s planned to perfection.

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