Would you play a very realistic game?

I am planning on making a really realistic game.
I mean, for real.
It will be a kind of Life Simulator, you have to work, pay for stuff and more.
Would you play this?


Sounds like a pretty neat idea. With the right mechanics for the game, I’d play it!

Also should go in #help-and-feedback:game-design-support.


Lol I had an idea about making a game like that but not too realistic (Like a The Sims but without certain things)


does that mean you have your own avatar or a preset avatar

not gonna lie i don’t think people like custom avatars if your using one

is it like bloxburg but with better graphics,more detailed cars etc


Keep in mind that the more realistic you make it the longer it is going to take to make the assets for your game, and the stronger of a computer one will need to run the game.


If it didn’t lag like crazy, I would DEFINITELY play it!


It mostly depends on your computer specs. The more realistic, the more resources are needed.

Not everyone has a high-tier computer so I don’t think that very realistic games will get lots of visitors.

Back to the question of the topic, yes. The prohle I’d that there already are popular life simulator games on Roblox, Bloxburg (inspired by The Sims) for example.
You must make a really good game if you want to be able to compete with them.


What do you mean by realistic? As in graphics or it is a realistic simulation of life?


I personally play it! Although, people on the developer forum are older than 13 and probably don’t like Adopt me or games for young kids or something. So you’re game would probably have more of a mature audience instead.


Yeah. People could add guns, police, robberies, and other things to appeal to the older audience.


How do you even imagine this game? Work to pay for stuff? Really?


By realistic as in graphics? Or the actual gameplay itself, if the game is too realistic in the sense of gameplay I don’t think a younger audience would understand/like it that much, and if in graphical sense, mobile users and lower end pc users will have a hard time playing your game.


But… that’s how almost every roleplay game works…

then what’s the point of this game and what’s so super realistic about it

I would, as long as it’s not laggy. Ans ia appropriate for all ages, and has moderators! I’d lovd to see it when it releases!


Since it’s an RPG, which is roleplay, there’s some things that need to be covered. For example: Stupid NPC characters. If you punch an NPC over and over again, and it keeps saying, “OW OW OW.” Then there’s problems that can arise. If the player has no sort of warning or notification saying that this is a real world, they’ll go an play GTA or something because of the no repercussions GTA has.

The way it should work when punching an NPC is that later in the game you might get arrested and then get put on trial for your previous actions, causing the player to realise that this is an actual world. If the players get confused, they might feel uncomfortable and leave.

Here’s a video explaining this further:https://youtu.be/aJCEQaSlvHE

Master this, and then you will really achieve realism.


Because you work to get money in real life. Money doesn’t start raining from the sky.

There is nothing here that tells me what kind of game you are making. Saying you are going to make a “realistic” game doesn’t really tell us anything. At least you have some idea for a game loop which is the “You work, pay for stuff” but you really need to expand on this. I cannot say I would play this because you aren’t saying what you really do in this game. As well you may have a good idea but if you fail at implementing the idea then it becomes a bad feature.


That will be super neat to see in a Roblox game. I would also love to see better police car AI. Just like Vehicle Simulator but a little bit better. For example, when you run a red light, the police starts to chase you and use maneuvers you’ll find in real life.

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Possibly. Although I think having to completely manage red lights and stop signs of being a chore instead of being something to enjoy. Although I would love to see everyone’s thoughts on that.