Would you play these games?

I have two game ideas and it would be appreciated if you explained your thoughts on them and if you would play them with or without your friends.

Would you play it by yourself?
Would you play it with friends?
Which idea do you like the most?

First game idea (Kingdom Siege)
Genre: Adventure/Medieval

You choose from four different kingdoms. You can build structures, walls, barracks and other things to grow your kingdom. You have to protect your kingdom from npc goblin raids or player wars which can be declared on other teams. You can make allies and boss raid with them. The currency is gold and can be earned from mining, farming, and bartering. You can explore different zones that have different shops located in them. The shops have armour and weapons that can be used for defending, attacking, or raiding.

Second game idea (Animal City)
Genre: All

The characters are all based on real animals.
You start off on the streets and occasionally earning money. Over time, you can buy gear which can help you gain more money. They start off in Animania, a city in the world of Animala. Eventually, you can buy or rent houses, buy plots of land and build structures of them. Late in the game you can buy islands or countries where you can build cities, towns, and villages for yourself! There are shops located in Animania where you can buy gear and Animal Character crates. Animal Character crates can be opened physically walking around.

Game Ideas
  • First game idea (Kingdom Siege)
  • Second game idea (Animal City)

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1st game definitely sounds fun.

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First game sounds great, especially if you made it so your stats save through out servers (really good anti exploit required) and you lose everything say if you die.

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I’ve already created a framework for it a few months ago. It does save data, but losing everything when you die might be too much. Maybe losing half your gold would be better. Thanks for the suggestion!

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I’m not a game developer of any kind, but i’d have to suggest that that game would be super unique if it was super strategy intensive and you lost everything and all your progress with you died.

Say you had provinces that you could build up over time and whenever one is destroyed it’s gone forever.

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Moved topic to #help-and-feedback:game-design-support, since it’s about game concepts; which revolves on mechanics.

Oops, sorry about that. Thought this belonged in Development Discussion…

Thanks! I will gather up all the votes and the highest one is the one I will make.

1st game was a game I thought of making but I’m now working on a new big project, I think 1st will do well I’d executed right in terms of monetization, buildings, models, gameplay, UI etc