Would you play this Experience?

Hey there! I’m considering a new project and I’d like to get your opinions on the concept; if you could leave any feedback, it’d be greatly appreciated. Thanks for all your help!

Basically I want to create an experience that’s focused on survival within a dystopian town. Players would be set loose on “Day 1” with just one task: to live as long as possible. Players would be split into groups/factions and given the ability to lay claim to buildings within the town. Items would be limited and would NOT regenerate over time, making it increasingly difficult to survive. In addition to the danger of dwindling supplies (which would cause tensions between groups of survivors), hordes of zombies would arrive at night, attacking buildings, and laying waste to just about everything. There’s also tons of interesting game mechanics I’d like to add like scavenging, looting, base building, simple crafting and more. Upon dying players will be allowed to spectate, wait for a new game, or play as a zombie (during the night). If there are any survivors left, the game will end (regardless) on “Day 17” aprox. 35-40 minutes into the game at which point all hell breaks loose. Those remaining would attempt to make it to a helicopter with limited seating, while being pursued by massive amounts of the undead. Anyone who manages to escape would be awarded with some type of perk they can use in another match. You could compare this game to a mash between: The Last Stand: Union City, The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, and Minecraft.

I just wanna know if this game would be worth making; thanks for reading! (again, feedback or suggestions are appreciated)


This game Concept really good i think it worth to make it since roblox don’t have much survival game but look like you try to make it hardcore so . . . i have idea to make it more hardcore

  • Disease
  • Liquid like Water Supply
  • Stamina (This system is for sprint, if you didn’t sleep stamina Capacity Reduce 10%)
  • Bad Effect (Tired = Didn’t Sleep, Confusion = Object Hit Head, Cold = if player stay in cold area too much)
  • Power (it might be cool if you make power system like use for light or recharge something)
  • Food Rotten
  • Weather (Rain,Thunder Storm,Sunny,Windy)

also at this point

I think it too hard make it to a Helicopter you should try making flare gun or Radio to call for help and the spot player call and when someone call it, Flare will appear and you know what is the fun point? yes everyone see that Flare

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If there are any survivors left

Is this permadeath? 35-40 minute rounds could make players leave without the ability to drop back in

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I’ve always wanted to make a game like this, so here are some things I would add / want:

  • Not a map border, but a horrifying monster that eats you if you wander too far off into the forest that surrounds the map.

  • Limited weapons, like have only handguns, and the best weapon being a revolver.

  • Morale, the longer you aren’t with people, the lower morale you have, and after a while, the forest monster comes and eats you.

  • Farming. Allow for the ability the collect crops in the forest for you to plant later on. You have to be careful when collecting seeds in the forest, the monster might catch you if you aren’t careful!

  • Reputation. Your reputation starts at 100, it can only go down. It goes down by killing other players, and the lower reputation you have, the less morale you get by being with other people.

  • Gifts. You can give other players items in order to boost your and the other person’s morale.

  • Dizziness. The more you move without sleeping, the more dizzy you become. If you’re too dizzy, you see hallucinations. To combat this, you must sleep every 2 nights, each minute your morale lowers. After 4 days of seeing hallucinations, your morale crashes, and you slowly die by your hallucinations either attacking you, or by “natural means”. (Or, the big forest monster eats you, like always!)

If this game did exist, I would play it a lot. I’d try to be peaceful, and try to form alliances with other players in order to boost my chance at survival.

Yeah I kinda like horror games.


If I were to help out and make some ideas. I would…

• Possibly add a special mission each night. To keep the game interesting rather than just having the same mission to do every night.

• Instead of being able to use the perk you gain once every time you finish the game. You could make it permanent. That way the game can be more exciting and want players to get all perks.

• Add a prestige system. Resetting all of the players perks and levels. However giving them one of the best perks you can get from only prestiging.

• adding unique types of game modes each game. For example,“Protect the base” where all players must defend the base while doing a special mission. Etc.

• Add AI survivors or that act and behave like players, that way if the player base starts to die out. The game will still be as enticing as it was before.

Welp that’s all I got. Hope these ideas come in handy.

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Oh ya, I would be playing this all day every day. I didn’t even have to read past the first sentence to decide that, that’s how good this sounds.

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That sounds like rebirthing with a fancy name but I agree.

It’s meant to be a hardcore game, it is expected that most players would not make it the full length before dying and needing to join a new match. I’m thinking of having a skin shop of sorts, where players will be able to use currency gathered throughout their playtime to purchase em’. So they won’t need to “win” or make it to the end to necessarily get gains.

You could possibly add a prestige perk where maybe the player could revive a another player. Or they could pay a small fee to revive themselves. The more they revive themselves, the more expensive the price gets. Or for an alternative. The more they revive themselves, the more debuffs they get. The choice is yours to make, it’s your game after all.

Also instead of playtime. You should use the amount of kills the player has gotten. Or maybe have some currency you get from doing special missions or from kills. That way players won’t just hide and be AFK to get points.

sounds a lot like 7 days to die but a horde night every night

It sounds great though I take issue with a few things.

I love round-based games, don’t get me wrong, though I’m unsure about a game as you described being round-based in that sense. Maybe that’s because I personally enjoy longer and more free experiences in games like that but I can’t say for sure.

Another potential issue with these types of games where you force people into teams with each other and share supplies are, of course, the trolls that would play to ruin the experience for others. This, for me at least, would be a little bit of a dealbreaker personally especially considering the estimated time a match would last. I would more than likely want to only play with the full team consisting of friends in that case, however then I wouldn’t play the game as much because I’d need every friend on to mitigate the risk of someone ruining our fun.

As a suggestion, there are a lot of people that are into game lore, I would personally really want an additional solo/duo campaign mode or something that provides some type of back story instead of just dropping me into a place that’s somehow full of zombies, even if it spans all of 20 minutes, I think that would be something pretty unique to have for a game like that on Roblox. It could also give an opportunity to teach players how to play at their own pace and how the mechanics work rather than dropping them into the game immediately.

More than anything that you listed, the concept reminds me of The Forest if it was mixed with Dead Island. I would probably at least try the game once, and I think a lot of others would also, though I can’t say beyond that without having played it. I think the idea’s very good and there’s potential for success with it, but it sounds very ambitious all things considered. Nevertheless, I hope my input helps somehow and if you decide to go through with it, the best of luck to you.

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I would definitely try this game out, this sounds fun!

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Very good concept, reminds me of project zomboid