Would You Rather Have a Preset Character or Your Character?

Hello! I was hired to build for an Anime Fighting game, and the owner told me to do whatever I want as long as it is good. I have built the map, now I just need the characters. I was thinking about what the characters would look like or if I should just let the player use their own avatar. Would you rather have your own avatar or a preset one?

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There could be a option for both, but having your own avatar is kind of unique in it’s own way.
Not many games these days allow you to use your own avatar, which is kind of saddening to see if you spend a lot of time dressing it up.


I would rather use my own avatar, a lot of players may want to express themselves and show off their rare limiteds. Besides it’s way more easy and less time consuming so this way you can move on with developing the game.


Preset Characters allows you to have more mobility with what you choose if you’re going to make it custom, or making it look clean, your character is your character

true dat, but what if someone have a troll char?

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They can be whatever they want to be, as long as it does not break tos.

true dat (again), also can you send me the tos roblox thing?

When I make a game I try to give my players the freedom to choose whatever avatar type they want to use. When your game does not rely on the starter character being R6 or R15 without breaking then use that opportunity to set the avatar type to player choice. That way R6 and Rthro can co exist together, a good example to enable this is in a cafe place or a group game. If a player wanted to be a tall Rthro avatar then they just have to edit their avatar manually. Or if it’s one of those rectangle troll avatars then they just have to change their avatar to R6.

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You’ll probably find them in here.
Roblox Community Rules
Parents, Safety, and Moderation

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Do you think a custom character maker would be good?

Do you think that if players could create their own character would make the game better?

You could do that if you wanted players to look a certain way. While this would be good for new Roblox users who don’t have much to show for their avatar, it would also take away from those who do want to show off their cool avatars. It will take extra time for you to make a character editor but if you choose to do so then also add an option to use your current Roblox avatar, it could be a free option or a gamepass that people will want to buy.

That depends on how much customization is available.

When you think about it, everyone designs their character to the way they like. If you give them a character that isn’t theirs, even with tons of customization, there’s a chance they’ll dislike it.

This depends on the context of the game. For example, if a game is copying a well-known anime then people will want to play as the anime characters and not themselves. Overriding the player’s avatar is good for immersion. If player’s avatars would clash with the art style (ex. custom rigs) then a character creator may be the best choice. However, as other have said, having one’s cherished avatar taken away from them can be painful. And as for new players who don’t have custom avatars: If they didn’t bother to edit their default avatar on the website, why would they care about editing their character in your game? Overall I recommend sticking to the default avatars unless there’s a very compelling reason not to.