WRFF [International RO-Soccer Organization] - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This is the FAQ for the WRFF (World Roblox Football Federation), an international soccer/football organization with national teams that is based around RO-Soccer. Click on any question to see the answer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What RO-Soccer (football) tools is WRFF using?

WRFF is using MPS tools, compatible with both PC and mobile users.

How do I become a player on a team?

You must be signed by a head coach/assistant coach of a national team in order to be a player. If you choose to be a head coach/assistant coach, you can also become a player for your team this way. All teams must have a Head Coach to be eligible to sign players.

Sometimes, coaches will hold trainings/trials for new players at their team’s stadium. If a coach is holding trials, this means that new players will be welcome to join the stadium game and try out for the team. Typically, a trial will test basic RO-Soccer skills, depending on the soccer/football position that the player is trying out for. Head coaches can sign whoever they’d like to a team as long as they are not a new account or alt, are not suspended, and do not play for another team.

All players are required to be in their team’s group and ranked in either the Main Player/Reserve Player role, or if they are coaches, ranked as Head Coach/Assistant Coach roles.

Do I have to play for my country/ethnicity?

The answer is no, you can play for any national team. While head/assistant coaches may sign players that are from the same country/ethnicity/culture as them, any racist/xenophobic comments will not be tolerated. There may be some national team match-ups that WRFF will avoid due to nationalist sentiments (unless the teams are forced to meet in a knock-out round).

Any gender rules?

Both male/female users are eligible to be players (main/reserve), coaches (head/assistant), referees, journalists, presidents of regional divisions, or WRFF administration board members. If you are a coach you must not discriminate based on gender.

What is the account age limit to join stadium games?

The limit will be set to 45 days, any account under this limit will not be allowed to enter the stadium. Alternative accounts are also not allowed to play for teams in matches (they may attend matches, but not be players), and your main account may be at risk of being suspended/banned from the WRFF if you are playing with alts.

What does it mean when a person is suspended or banned from the WRFF?

A person that is suspended from the WRFF may not engage in the WRFF in any way. Typical suspensions would be for players that cheat, those who use alts, those use inappropriate language towards others, those who advertise unrelated groups, coaches that create negative atmospheres within teams or act inappropriately towards other teams/officials, or are underaged for the roles they have chosen. Suspensions can be temporary or permanent (known as a ban).

How many players are there allowed on a team?

The maximum amount of players on a main team is 14. The maximum amount of players on the team’s reserves is 6. A head coach/assistant coach is also eligible to be a player themselves, and if they choose to do so, they will take up a main player/reserve player spot on the team. A player who is not ranked in their team’s group will not be allowed to start a match.

How do I become a head coach? How do I become an assistant coach?

WRFF has built an application centre where users will be able to submit applications for head coach roles. They will choose the national team (that is available) which they’d like to coach and they will have to agree with certain guidelines set in the application. All head coaches are required to be aged 13+ and must not be new accounts or alts.

A head coach can choose to sign (or remove) an assistant coach at any time, and there is no application required to be an assistant coach, but an assistant coach will have to complete the head coach application if they want to be a head coach themselves. A maximum of three assistant coaches are allowed.

What happens if no head/assistant coach shows up for a match?

If there is no head coach/assistant coach available at a match, it is the team captain’s job to manage the team during the match. Any assistant coach that shows up to a match where the head coach is absent will be in charge of their team during the match.

How long are the matches?

A match is divided into two 15-minute halves, with a 5-minute break between the halves. Additional time due to time wasted will be added to the end of each half if necessary.

What types of matches are there?

There are four types of matches. Every match affects the world ranking position of a team:

  • A friendly is a match between any two national teams and is considered non-competitive (no points involved).
  • A qualifier is a match that precedes a regional tournament or the world cup, and is a competitive match between two teams from the same regional organization. A qualifier may either be a group stage match or a play-off match (extra time+penalties may apply if the score is tied after regular-time).
  • A continental/regional tournament match is a competitive match between two teams from the same regional organization. It is either a group-stage or knockout-match (extra time+penalties may apply if the score is tied after regular-time). A winner is declared at the end of the tournament/final, with a 1st-placed and 2nd-placed team.
  • A world cup match is a competitive match at the highest level, between two teams that qualified to the world cup. It is either a group-stage or knockout-match (extra time+penalties may apply if the score is tied after regular-time). A winner is declared at the end of the tournament/final, with a 1st-placed and 2nd-placed team, as well as a 3rd-placed team that is decided in a 3rd-place match between the two teams that lost in the semi-finals.
Are spectators allowed during a match?

WRFF plans to allow spectators to access stands during a match, but there may be a limit of spectators allowed. Spectators are only permitted in the stands or outside the field, they may not fly/noclip/go invisible near the match being played.

What happens if a head coach resigns from a team while I am already a player?

If the head coach resigns, they will be replaced by an assistant coach of the team who has completed the head coach application (first come, first serve if multiple assistant coaches) or a player from the team (a team captain is given priority) if there is no assistant coach, and the player will have to complete the head coach application. Generally, players can stay at the team they were already in until a new head coach is found.

How do I switch teams?

Players can only switch teams during transfer windows, and they will be allowed a maximum of 2 switches per WRFF season. Which means a player can either stay at their team the whole season, switch to one different team in a season, switch to two different teams in a season, or switch to one different team in a season and later switch back to their original team.

Can coaches remove players from a team? Can I leave a team at any time?

Coaches can remove players that are inactive, new accounts/alts, or suspended, and are allowed to remove/replace active players during a transfer window (unless the player is breaking rules or creating a negative atmosphere within the team, they can be removed at any time), however the player may choose to resign from the team by their own free will, and wait for a transfer window to open before signing to another team again. Coaches can swap a main player to a reserve player, or a reserve player to a main player. A head coach who is signing main players and refusing to let them attend matches may be replaced by the WRFF with a new head coach.

What is a substitute, and what is the limit of subs allowed?

A substitute is a main player (or reserve player in case of friendlies) that attends a match for their team but sits on the sidelines, where the head coach/assistant coach/team captain (if no coach available) can call on them to replace a player who is already playing on the field. It is not required for a coach to use all their substitutes, they are allowed up to 4 substitutes during match. A player who has been substituted cannot return to the field for the rest of the match, and a player who has substituted for another player cannot go back to the sidelines.

How does a team forfeit a match? What about a team that keeps forfeiting matches?

A team will forfeit a match if they do not have at least 4 players at the match time, if players leave during the match and less than 4 players are left, or if a team gets enough red card(s) where there are less than 4 players left. The other team that is playing will have 3 goals added to their score (or win 3-0 if the forfeiting team was winning by more than 3 goals). A team that repeatedly forfeits matches will lead to the removal of the coach and a replacement head coach when available. If both teams at a match are eligible for a forfeit, the match is cancelled and no score is posted.

How do I become a referee?

There are two parts to becoming a referee. The first part will be a written application form that will be reviewed by a WRFF official, where the user will need to prove they are knowledgeable of the rules of football/soccer in order to be a referee. The second part will have the user officiate a match (typically a friendly) and WRFF will determine from there if the user is to become an official WRFF-recognized referee.

Do all matches need a referee? What if there is no referee at a match where both teams show up?

There must be at least one referee/official in the game for a match to start. If the chosen referee is not available, a backup referee will be asked to join the game. Otherwise, the match will be postponed to a time agreed upon by the players/coaches.

How many players are allowed per team on a field?

WRFF allows either 4v4, 5v5, 6v6, 7v7, or 8v8 matches at the time that a match begins. There are no handicap rules where a team plays with less players than the other team unless that team has players that have been red carded. If players are leaving on one team during a match, the other team will be asked to reduce their amount of players on the field to match the other team (these will not count as substitutes). It is only possible for teams to increase their players on the field after the match begins if the referee/WRFF allows it. If this happens, the extra players that come onto the field will be counted as substitutes.

How do I become a journalist/news media person?

You will need to have either an organized Twitter account, YouTube channel, or website blog that will discuss WRFF football/soccer. Your news media can be in any language (English not mandatory) and should have some focus on football/soccer, though it can also be about general sports. A journalist application form will be available later where users will be able to provide the WRFF the information about their news media organization/journalism. Journalists don’t have to be a part of a team, they can be on their own as well.

As a journalist you should make an effort to be as active as possible when reporting news on the WRFF. Your organization can talk about WRFF football as a whole, or only talk about the football taking place in one of the six WRFF regional organizations, or you can focus on one or a few national teams and follow them around by attending their press conferences or speaking their languages.

What are press conferences? When/where are press conferences held?

Press conferences are held at the team’s stadium game in a separate area with chairs and a desk. Journalists can ask questions to the team’s coach and their players. They are usually held before or after a match. Journalists can ask questions in a language other than English, which a coach/player may respond with that language. It is up to the journalist to either write down responses and post them on a blog/Twitter or record the press conference. For this purpose, bubble chat is enabled. Though journalists and players/coaches are allowed to use Roblox VC (voice chat) in the question period as well.

What is the role of the administration board and the regional division presidents?

The administration board runs the WRFF. They create the official rules of the WRFF. They are in charge of application forms, deciding who is to become a head coach/referee/journalist. They help create kits and stadiums for teams and manage official WRFF social media accounts. They create the match schedules. They help organize friendlies/tournaments and they oversee the presidents of the regional divisions which they have selected. The presidents of these divisions have the privilege of organizing their own friendlies/mini-tournaments within their organization. Each of the presidents manages information related to their region’s qualifier matches and their region’s tournament.

What are the kits required during a match?

In a match, the referee will wear a kit that does not clash with the kits of the teams that are playing. Both teams will be wearing their own kit (either home or away kit, with goalkeepers wearing either the GK 1 kit or GK 2 kit). The two teams that face each other will not wear kits that clash with colours, which means that sometimes a mix of the home/away kit will be used if two teams have similar kit colours to each other. Every player during a match should be wearing a kit, that includes both shirt and pants. While players do not have to buy the kit themselves as admin will assign kits to each team at a match, they are welcome to do so.

How will team kits/stadiums be made? Are kits/stadiums updated?

WRFF has decided to give every team home/away/GK kits and their own home stadium after the team has been set-up. All kits will be made following a process, where the national team flags and national team logos will appear on the kits, and each kit comes in three parts: the shirt, the shorts with socks and cleats, and a long-sleeve version of the shirt (these same parts apply to goalkeeper kits which come with gloves). Every team will have its own unique stadium, mesh-imported, that resembles real national stadiums. Every stadium will be based around the same field dimensions and feature the same accessories as every other stadium, which include spectator areas, substitute benches, locker rooms, admin for head/assistant coaches and referee/presidential/administration board members, press conference rooms for journalists to ask questions to players/coaches, crowd chants, goal sounds, miss sounds.

The realism of the kits and stadiums is what will set WRFF apart from every other RO-Soccer league on Roblox. Which is why we will make our best effort to keep kits and stadiums up to date with real-life designs.

What social media does WRFF have? Languages used?

WRFF has a YouTube channel. WRFF will set up a Twitter account in the future. The Twitter account will share general updates/images of the WRFF for followers, while the YouTube channel will have videos featuring full match live streams/replays, match highlights, press conferences, interviews, teasers, etc. and it is completely optional to follow/subscribe to our Twitter/YouTube accounts.

WRFF is open to promoting Twitter/YouTube accounts of WRFF-recognized journalists, and these journalists can use whatever language they are most comfortable with.

WRFF as a organization itself is represented exclusively in the English language to make the experience work best for our members.

Why does WRFF not have a Discord server? Can teams have Discord servers?

WRFF has decided to run their organization exclusively via the Roblox platform (including Devforum and Guilded for announcements), and not use Discord. We believe that this is possible and would like to avoid managing a large Discord server which can often become chaotic and difficult to moderate, especially with younger users.

Players/coaches will still be able to talk to each other via their team’s group wall and group shouts, which is in fact the primary goal.

Teams are allowed to create their own Discord servers to organize their team for trainings and matches. They should give the invite code to a WRFF admin to be added in their team’s group social links. However, they cannot abandon their team’s group wall or group shout, and should continue interacting with users there.

More questions/responses will be added when necessary.