Write/Read to file

Hi, Im currently programming a Roblox Studio plugin, and i’m trying to write/read a settings file, how do i do that?

I don’t think plugins are allowed to r/w to the system

For clarification, you can’t. Roblox blocks this from happening for pretty obvious reasons.

Plugins can read arbitary files from your local drive, but cannot write just any file, only export rbxm, rbxmx, Lua, and OBJ files from datamodel selections.

The way you’re meant to save Plugin preferences is with this:

And of course there is a corresponding GetSetting to read them back. You can read and write key/value pairs that end up in a JSON file on the user’s machine.

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Thank you! How do i do read a file?


Gets you a File handle you can then call GetBinaryContents(), which gets you the contents as string.

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You can also have an external program communicate with your plugin on the users computer like Rojo then use some compression algorith to make the data transfer faster and have that read and write the files. However I suggest you do the approach of @EmilyBendsSpace