Writing an FPS framework (2020)

Hi, I need help with animating it, please. Can you help me with animating it? It doesn’t animate at all


Same issue. Viewmodel setup is extremely vaguely explained. It’s all hooked up with Motor6Ds but all the parts rotate independently of eachother. Even when I do rotate it in the animation editor it rotates it in the workspace, breaking my viewmodel.

@BlackShibe do you mind posting a fully expanded image of your viewmodel in the explorer?


but all the parts rotate independently of eachother

what do you mean

do you mind posting a fully expanded image of your viewmodel in the explorer?

i am assuming you want pictures of an actual setup since theres an open sourced place

before starting the game


after starting the game

edit: if part0 or part1 isn’t mentioned it’s nil


If I make a camera part how would I go about making the camera move with camera part during animations??

I rig it with constraints in blender, not sure about any roblox plugins

I didn’t understood quite right…

You mean rigging the camera(workspace.CurrentCamera) to the camera part???

Or if you talking about rigging the camera part to the viewmodel rig i have already done that :slight_smile:

I’m not sure whether you’re asking for a way to make the camera move inside an animation plugin or when running the game now


Suppose I make a reloading animation where the camera part moves how would i make the player camera move with that camera part

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In all honesty I can’t find what I’m looking for, Months, hours, days of researching I still can’t find it. All the FPS framework tutorials did not work at all for me and I don’t know if I should even bother to try this one with the reasons of:

  1. I never used Moon animator.
  2. How would I make a reload animation with Moon animator.
  3. I know the ROBLOX animation editor way more.
  4. I’ve tried other Viewmodel tutorials (they didn’t work and I lost 2 hours which is very valuable now that school’s open.)

Sure, there are tutorials on how to use it but It’ll take me atleast a month to learn it and I’m halfway through a project. I know how to make guns and weapons but my biggest problem which has been here for months is welding the gun.

I’ve also seen Part 2.

This might be alot of what I’m asking for but could you please make a tutorial on how to weld the left and right arm to a gun?, you could dm me it or post it here in Community tutorials. Or could you just tell me how I could weld both the left and right arm to a gun without a viewmodel.

After post and post in Scripting Support I’ve never found what I was looking for.

I’m really struggling here, but its fine if you can’t.

Have you tried actually animating a copied rig with the default plugin? It seems to work for me If I remove the welds it complains about. My experience with animation plugins is sparse at best because the plugin I used to use (Moon animator as hinted by the original thread) was retired, and I switched to blender since

Second thing, have you read how the rig is acquired for animation? Welding the arms to the weapon is done via a few lines of code when you equip it. You’re not supposed to do it yourself.

Wdym copied rig?, I’ve tried animating with the default Animation editor as I followed these tutorials: How to animate a tool/object with a Dummy in the Animation Editor - Resources / Community Tutorials - DevForum | Roblox

How to animate Tool Parts (Guns, Knifes etc.) - Resources / Community Tutorials - DevForum | Roblox

Also, what am I not supposed to do myself?. In these tutorials I did the Motor6d stuff then straight closed the Animation editor and started scripting. I didn’t actually export it if I’m sure.

how can i make an ammo count gui for this

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I recommend you to get a basic knowledge of scripting in LuaU first before making a fps framework…

Though you can just copy paste the code and call it a day it won’t increase your knowledge and it would make it difficult for you to add something on this framework(Ammo count UI in this case).

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what’s the difference between luau and normal lua?
I’m just having trouble reading through to find where I can get the ammo count so i can display it on the gui

how did you get a custom explorer?
Also, gr8 tutorial

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i want to ask how i would add on more offsets to the system. i want a position for sprinting and added a cframevalue based on idle.
in update i did this:

local sprintOffset = equipOffset:Lerp(self.viewmodel.offsets.sprint.Value, self.lerpValues.sprint.Value)

in initialization:

self.lerpValues.sprint = Instance.new("NumberValue") self.lerpValues.sprint.Value = 1

and everytime i sprint:

local lowerWeapon = tweenService:Create(self.lerpValues.sprint, TweenInfo.new(0.8, Enum.EasingStyle.Quad, Enum.EasingDirection.Out), {Value = 0})

but for some reason it’s not lowering the weapon, not sure what im doing wrong, if you can help then it would be appreciated

its after all the default tweens that came with your code. and im just copying what you did for the equip offset

For people who are reading this tutorial,
I have a question

Is the rootPart the same place with the other parts like the Viewmodel arms and guns for you?

Well, as for me this is how it looks like,


Edit: I just want to know if i am doing this right