Wrong mouse cursor icon is shown when right-clicking the text fields of the texture selection pop-up

Some properties in Roblox Studio reference texture assets such as the Decal.Texture or MaterialVariant.ColorMap properties. These properties usually show a pop-up when clicked on them. The pop-up has a ‘URL’ field, a ‘Search’ field and a list of images below it. When you right-click inside either the ‘URL’ or ‘Search’ input fields, a small context menu pops-up with copy, paste, and other controls. Inside this menu you would expect the mouse cursor to be the normal pointer cursor. However, the cursor does not change away from the cursor you have when hovering over a text field. The image below shows what this looks like. The cursor icon in the middle of the screen is not the usual pointer icon.


To fix this, you need to move your cursor outside of the context menu first and then back inside of the menu. This cursor problem seems to only occur when right-clicking one of the two text fields of the aforementioned texture selection pop-up window. I do not see it happen anywhere else.

Expected behavior

I expect my cursor to change back to the regular cursor when right-clicking the text fields.


Thanks for the report! We’ll follow up when we have an update for you.

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We’ll have to leave this unfixed.

This is a Qt bug and as far as I can tell the only ways to work around it are very hacky and may just end up creating other issues.

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