Wrong Warning for Inappropriate Uploaded Images

So i got a wrong warning but i never uploaded something thats bad or Inappropriate for Roblox Platform.

I just like to ask if i get this again for some reason, if my account get banned then, because how i said i did not Upload anything bad or Inappropriate and i dont wanna loose my Account for unknown or dumb reasons.


lmao roblox moderation at its finest

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So I take that you never uploaded anything

Do other people have access to your account?

I did never upload something thats " Inappropriate " for Roblox, an no, noone else.

So you did upload something, like any image?

Tbh, I wouldnt care, I would just wait some time and try and upload another picture, like, these moderators see things that arent there

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I got a roblox message with what image it was and it was a Rules image where i wanted list the in Game Rules… thanks roblox that its " Inappropriate ".

Imagine, Rules Inappropriate for roblox.