WRTA - Main South Division - Update Logs

Welcome to the WRTA Main South Update logs! Here we will post information on updates.

Updates released before commercial opening are marked with a BR.


Release Version 1.0 - Game Released 6/28

Completed Webster Square Plaza
Re-done Downtown Corridor
Completed routes 19, 25, and 27.



BR 1.01 - Released 6/22 :

Map received a significant extension to Main + Wayne Street.
Stafford Street has been placed in game and work will begin on extending to Webster Square Plaza.
Scenery is expected to match road progress on 6/27.

Fixed a bug where the bus’s rear left door would fall off.
Fixed an anchoring issue with most buses.
Investigating a bug where the bus’s steering wheel is unresponsive to movement.

Planned release is Sunday June 28th.


1.01.A - Released 6/23

Map has been extended to Young Street and has formally entered Webster Square Plaza.


1.02.A - Released 6/24

Map has been extended to Curtis Pkwy on Main, and Webster Sq Plz on Stafford.


BR 1.13 - Apricot Dr Extension

The Halloween extension to extend Route 19 via Apricot Dr released.

BR 2.0R - Renovating, Innovating, and Re-establishing WRTA
June 11:

  • Fixed a bug where buses would invert a decal on the doors.
  • Cleaned up Santander Bank on Main + Pleasant Sts
  • Improved Main + Pleasant St Intersection (1yr old)
  • Extended Main St 1 block to Mechanic St, added scenery
  • Added a new statue at Worcester Common
  • Added 3 new temporary stops on Beacon St for route 25 riders.
  • Improved Bostonian Fried Tea on Quinsigamond Ave.
  • Fixed a bug where the interior no. of a bus would improperly reflect actual bus number.
  • Fixed a bug where the left mirror of buses would not be visible.
  • Fixed a GUI issue where the bus GUI could not be minimized.
  • Added & revised a codebook into the bus GUI.
  • Fixed a bug where a decal kept inverting on bus no. 8407
  • Various Map Optimizations

June 12-14:

  • Extended Chandler St. on Route 7 to Queen St
  • Added scenery on Chandler St.