WW1 Iron Harvest Based Group, aka an alternate Germany, will it get me or my group banned?

I’ve noticed that WW1 groups are being banned for having even the closest resemblance to Germany, despite not being in the same era Roblox doesn’t seem to care if it’s WW1 or WW2, just that it’s close to that time period.

What do I have to watch out for? what is going to get my group banned? - I’m aware arm bands, the iron cross/eagle are banned, but what is Roblox actually banning people for? it seems to usually be stuff related to WW2 with hate speech and what not.

If you’re familiar with the game (I believe it’s a board game too) I’m doing something based off of the faction “Saxonian Empire” which is a German inspired faction.

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yes it is a bad idea to do war :hear_no_evil:


You won’t.

There’s so many war/shooter/military games on Roblox. It’s tolerated.

Just call them Germans, not Nazis. For example German Panzers or German officer, not Nazi Mein Kampf LoL

Yeah, I’ve seen people do it in the past but the moment they get like reported a bunch it’s over for the game and Roblox doesn’t do too much about it (as in it sucks at unbanning people for false bans)

Even groups that have been strictly anti nazi have been banned

Yeah, the word “nazi” is banned

:scream: no-no word you get ban hammer

I think you’ll be fine since there’s tons groups that look incredibly on the edge, if we are to believe that anything related to Germany/german patriotism is considered nazi-related by moderations(which I incredibly doubt. just try to steer away from direct nationalism)

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